The nephew of Tamara’s Bow passed a DNA test to take her apartment

Племянник Тамары Носовой сдал ДНК-тест, чтобы забрать ее квартиру Anatoly Vasin tried to figure out in a property dispute. The man calls himself the nephew of a famous actress Tamara Nosova. He tries to return the living space that belonged to the movie star.
Племянник Тамары Носовой сдал ДНК-тест, чтобы забрать ее квартиру

Tamara Nosova has died in 2007 in poverty. She lived in a cluttered apartment where there were rats and cockroaches. After 11 years the star of the painting “the Kingdom of crooked mirrors” showed up nephew Anatoly Vasin.

“After the death of Tamara Makarovna I came into a legacy that she bequeathed to me. But after the hype in the press and among colleagues, I decided to abandon the apartment. A year after the death,” said an alleged relative of the Nose in the air, “Let them talk”.

In theater and surrounded by stars of the movie said that no one acquainted with Anatoly. Now he wants to fight for the apartment, as he needed funds. According to the man, Tamara did not want to publicize their relationship. The woman did not take anyone at home. Bob claims he passed her groceries, meeting in the Park.

“She refused all but food and social workers,” said the man.
Племянник Тамары Носовой сдал ДНК-тест, чтобы забрать ее квартиру

According to Vasin, Nosova ate in the social room. Colleagues of the actress recalled that the Director of the Theater actor Anatoly called a fraud.

The apartment was in terrible condition. Bob claims that he signed the deed together with the social worker. The money, the car and the garage got Zinaida Dmitrievna. The woman wore Tamara jars of food. As recognized by the Vasin, the actress kicked out of the dining room, as it is many years did not wash.

Valeriya Gushchina, a member of the Guild of actors, who came to the Studio, I remember, as Anatoly said publicly that gives the apartment. “You are 10 years cheated and was hiding these documents,” said the woman.

Tamara Bow was unhappy personal life. Directed by Nikolai Zaseev refused to leave the family, although I liked the actress. He still can not forgive yourself, so did the woman.

Vladimir Polanowski, the doctor, who was watching Tamara Makarovna, will never forget that day. “She had a stroke. She had stubby hands and feet of the rats” – recalled the expert.

All say that Vasin – no nephew of the artist. Now housing owned by the city. The approximate cost of the apartment is 10 million rubles.

The program announced the results of the DNA test.

“The study was provided with a jacket, glasses, and apituley. The study of the relationship between Anatoly Vasin and the person who owned the thing, is completely excluded”, – said the expert.