The names of the children in Bayonne and JAY-Z

Стали известны имена детей Бейоне и ДЖЕЙ-ЗИ

Officially, the birth of twins famous artists Beyonce and JAY-Z has not yet been reported, but the edition HollywoodReporter already announced the names of son and daughter’s spouses.

35-year-old singer and her 47-year-old husband had once surprised the public, calling their first child blue ivy (Blue Ivy). The eldest daughter, are eagerly awaiting the birth of a brother and sister, participated in the selection of names of the younger children. So (went drumroll), newborn son and daughter actors called Sean and BEA (and Bea Shawn), in honor of.. themselves.

Real name JAY-Z – Shawn Carter. The name “Shawn” means “God is generous”, and BEA (the short form of the name of Beatrice) – “one that brings happiness”. In addition, this name is very consonant with the name of her mother.
We’re waiting for an official statement about the birth of babies, and also their names. Fans of Beyonce and JAY-Z worried, because since the birth of twins has already passed more than a week, but the press service of celebrities silent.