На имени Наргиз Закировой пытаются нажиться мошенники The singer learned about the underground products. According to Nargiz, CEO PCMP noticed that after the show the artist some people sell CDs and distribute posters, which supposedly is the autograph of the stars.

Nargiz Zakirova, who is the artist of the Production center Maxim Fadeev, is now in the tour. The star has not yet released a new album, however, according to some fans, after some gigs they were offered to buy a CD with tracks. According to star, this happens in all cities.

“As a good example, showed me a piece of paper with my picture, which is the liner from my “CD album “the sound of the heart.” And just a week ago, CEO PCMP Irma Polish, leaving after my concert in Moscow, came across the young mouth breather with wide open coat, in the pockets of which could be seen, well, probably everyone but me. Drives, magnets, autographs, stickers. Arsenal “merchandise” weirdo in a trench coat, plunged Irma in an absolute stupor. Undaunted, Irma asked about the price of one CD, what fun he blurted out “500 roubles”. “And how’s the sale going?” asked Irma. “S*****!” said the mouth breather, adding: “Already half a year as traded! Leaves all in a second!” The subsequent actions of Irma I announce I will not. Measures accordingly taken! And quite hard! And you, my dear subscribers and all those who closely follow my work, in particular, attends my parties, I want to declare officially that when will my genuine merchandise, and especially music, on any spokanites, you will learn about it in the first place, on the official website of MALFA,” – said in a microblog Zakirova.

In addition, fraudsters distribute posters that allegedly bears the signature of Nargis. The star claims that the autograph on the posters and billboards does not belong. She plans to ask the graphologist to prove this fact.

Fans of the singer believe that the fight against piracy really difficult. “Unfortunately, piracy was, is and will be. This is very difficult to fight”, “Nargiz, it is necessary to produce a poster of your pictures right with the text on palivodenica and put in the concert halls!” – talked in the comments to her post.

Nargis is trying to keep your emotions in check and always openly expresses his point of view on social networks. Sometimes she was accused that she is too strong against the people, as is often harsh words Zakirova provoked a scandal.