Таинственная смерть звезды шансона Леонида Портного потрясла страну The singer died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 65 years. The author and performer of hits “Who made you this”, “Son and daughter” and the other died in his own house the night before. Fans mourn singer.

    For many years, almost none of the traditional Russian meal is complete without a romantic ballad “Who made you a” Leonid Portnoy. Star chanson wrote many other famous songs, such as “Son and daughter” and “Stranger”. His hits were performed by Russian pop stars, among whom was Philip. It is not excluded that from the pen of the talented singer would come out a lot of hits, had his life not ended tragically.

    Tailor, died yesterday in his apartment. 65-year-old singer died under mysterious circumstances. The message of the death of Leonid shocked thousands of his fans across the country. Director singer Ivan Slobodyanyuk still can not believe what happened.

    “He fell asleep and never woke up. It happened tonight. No one knows the exact cause. He went to bed in the evening and in the morning found him. His body was found by his wife when I woke up. There will be an examination to find out how he died,” — said Slobodyanyuk.

    It is worth noting that the last time the Tailor has retired and rarely pleased the fans with their creativity. According to the entourage of the singer, he was in creative search. One of the good friends Leonidas, producer Iosif Prigozhin, even hinted that the contractor chanson, possibly even I was in depression.

    “He called me sometimes. He was, like many artists of this generation, resentful at the world and everyone around,” — told “Life.ru” Prigogine.

    Despite rumors of bad habits of a Tailor, he had a strong family who provided the artist a powerful support in times of need. My children singer even dedicated a song that became a hit.

    “Family is important to me, – said Leonid in an interview. – I have three children. At that time, when I wrote “Son and daughter” I had a son and a daughter, and now I have another daughter. And for me important work and travel”.

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