The musicians of the group “Vintage” has refused from expensive flowers

Музыканты группы «Винтаж» отказались от дорогих цветов
Girls are encouraged to refrain from bouquets to rent.

group “Vintage”

the popular band “Vintage” made by the boycott
rent luxury bouquets. Instead of a glamorous selfie on international women’s day they took the photo with the tulips and packages from the grocery store.

recent days, the Internet was full of suggestions about renting luxurious bouquets for
self. Enterprising citizens for little money offer “to cause envy
friends to cause jealousy guy.” “We can bring a beautiful bouquet
of 101 roses! After arrival you will have 10 minutes to make as many photos and
selfies as you want! The rental price colors 1000 p delivery
Moscow! To add to his bouquet box Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel,
Guess, Armani, Tiffany&Co + 300 p.”, — proposed numerous

“Vintage” Anya, Zhenya, Nastya and Nessie got from one of these firms offer
to advertise the campaign. However, girls showed female solidarity and
refused to participate in advertising. In protest of the singer
photographed at the Mall with the traditional tulips and packages from
grocery store instead of the imaginary “gifts”. Fans were able to see the band not in the usual bright stage
images, as well as the ordinary customers, who, as all, preparing for March 8 and collected thousands of really sincere “likes” in social networks.

“Of course, as a business, the idea of
rent bouquets we love. Invented genius! But we think that in
such sentences there is some speculation on the feelings of the girls who
at the moment not very lucky in personal relationships. But to hide behind
fake bouquets and gifts — not the best way to make an impression in social networks.
It’s like that itself to deceive. Most precious — your smile,
sincerity. Believe me, and without a rented luxury bouquets — you are beautiful. Girls, just enjoy your holiday
make it for yourself, not for show. And rest assured that your
life will come and who will give you 101, and 1001 roses, and beautiful gifts,” —
told the soloist of group “Vintage”.