The musicians of the “City 312” showed the grown daughter

Музыканты «Города 312» показали подросшую дочку
“Daughter of the regiment” just turned 5 years old.

Dim, Maria and Olivia (and Nonna Grishaeva)

Photo: Julia Gave

Dim keyboardist and guitarist Masha from the group “the City 312” have been together for over 20 years. And five years ago in their musical family was a happy event — they had a daughter Olivia. Of course, the girl goes with her parents on tour, but in a group it is called the “daughter of the regiment” as at the Moscow rehearsals she is always in command! Masha Dim and infrequently go out with Olivia, but at the opening of the exhibition “Robodance” star family came in full force.

5-year-old Olivia, which celebrated its first anniversary a week ago, was a little embarrassed by the attention of photographers to her modest person, but listened with interest to the guide and participated in workshops together with other star children — a son Anfisa Chekhova Solomon, the sons of Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, the son of Nonna Grishaeva and others.

By the way, I Dim had fun at the opening along with the children, proving that to have fun at the shows at any age.

“I was put in cyber chair, — says the musician. — And there stood the boys who were frightened of this chair, and here I am, sat down. My vestibular system so not very fine, and then it began. I spun 360 degrees and up and down. Still wearing the cyber-glasses, and I had to fight with alien civilizations. After a couple of turns my head was spinning so much that I begged to stop the process. Of course, I got excited, because once I was in the hospital, just with osteopatia. But it’s very cool!”

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