Москвич покорил британский «Голос» после провала на Первом канале The story of 11-year-old Yaroslav Yakubchuk surprised many. Young talent with outstanding vocal abilities, was defeated in the Russian analogue of “the Voice. Children.” But the boy appreciated the stars of world scale.
Москвич покорил британский «Голос» после провала на Первом канале

“Everything turns out for the best,” the now 11-year-old Yaroslavl, Yakubchuk knows this firsthand. Last year talented lad became a participant of the fourth season, a Russian analogue of “the Voice. Children.” However, a competent jury in the face of Nyusha, Dima Bilan, Valery Meladze did not appreciate the vocal abilities of the young singer. Meladze said that the boy was a little mistake with the repertoire. Moreover, the performance of Yaroslav not even got to the First channel. Yakubchuk, and his family was very upset, but nothing to do was impossible.

Jaroslav was born in the capital, and three years living in London. There he decided to participate in the British version of the children’s “Voices”. The results of the blind auditions, during which Jaroslav performed the Aria Nessun dorma from Puccini’s “Turandot”, has surpassed all expectations of the young singer. I turned to him, all members of the jury, among whom were seven-time Grammy award winner William Adams, known as the lead singer of the band Black Eyed Peas Will.i.am, singer Pixie Lott, McFly band member Danny Jones. Among celebrated musicians, the struggle for Yaroslav: everyone wanted the boy worked with him.

“If you join my team, I can help you believe you are capable of doing anything. But then you’ll have to teach me how to teach you”, — Will.i.am persuaded Yakubchuk to go to him, in the end, the star was able to do it.
Москвич покорил британский «Голос» после провала на Первом канале

Later Jubeck told how he suffered a humiliating setback in the blind auditions of the Russian “Voice”, than has surprised not only the jury but also the audience in the auditorium. The situation with the young singer said the producer of the Russian “Voice” Yuri Aksyuta. According to him, Yaroslav lived up to its expectations. The boy was invited to take part in next season’s main musical project of the country, however, Yakubchuk politely declined such offers.

“If someone decided that our mentors remained indifferent to his performance is not. Yaroslav turn to speak fell on the last day of the blind auditions, when the team was almost recruited, and we all know that in such moments, the mentors are very careful and wait for specific voice that they lack in the team,” explained Aksyuta.

The boy was a finalist in the British song contest. “The contest revealed one winner. The other 5 finalists are equal, and the result was not declared. Defeated Daniel” — said the representative of the StarHit Yakubchuk. By the way, 11-year-old singer has an extraordinary vocal talent. His vocal range is 4.5 octaves. When Yaroslav has some free time, it is with great pleasure plays soccer, swims and sings in the Church choir.

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