Москвичка, родившая в 60 лет, рассказала о воспитании ребенка и зависти Ивана Краско This year the charming Cleopatra who was born in the family of Galina Dubeninki, turns three. Girl goes to kindergarten and enjoys music. Parent Cleo told about how growing her successor, and also on acquaintance with Ivan Krasko.
Москвичка, родившая в 60 лет, рассказала о воспитании ребенка и зависти Ивана Краско

A few years ago this story was discussed by all country. 13 Jan 2015 the 60-year-old resident of Moscow Galina Sobanina gave birth to a lovely daughter, called Cleopatra. Soon she reaches three years old. On the eve of the feast of Cleopatra journalists contacted her mother, who told about the successes of her daughter.

According to Galina, her heiress to a very active and inquisitive. Little Cleopatra enjoys going to kindergarten and growing very musical.

“Clare likes to portray a rock musician: hang a guitar over his shoulder and pretends he is playing. She has good music, hearing. Loves Kirkorov. Listening to his songs, humming. And it is very plastic girl. My husband and I are engaged in a professional dance Studio, where, incidentally, met. Now, if it turns out to escape, Cirocco take”, – said the resident of the capital.
Москвичка, родившая в 60 лет, рассказала о воспитании ребенка и зависти Ивана Краско

Parents Cleopatra try not to spoil her desserts. Galina admitted that eating chocolate a secret from the child. A woman fears that she will take up her habit. “If you give sweets, then the child gets a taste, it’s delicious, and will ask. And we’re going with Cleo at the store, it is indifferent to all that passes by. She toys quietly watching, not asking,” he added Sobanina.

One time close Cleopatra was worried about the fact that she’s a little talking. But when she went into the garden, the situation has changed.

Galina tries to help the child with studies. Parents are with her letters and syllables. Sometimes Cleopatra herself is. Sobanina noted that she and her husband only excited about this, because in recent years has fallen on this family a large number of cases. Recently his father died of her lover, an elderly man was 90 years old. The husband and wife started to transport your things from his apartment. In the future, the pair plans – a trip to Sokolniki.

From time to time Cleopatra’s family invited on different TV shows. The girl has already made friends with Andrey Malakhov, and recently she managed to communicate to Ivan Krasko. He was delighted with the character of the child.

“Klarochka clockwork, sociable. Actor Ivan Krasko with Cleopatra played, praised – what a merry girl. Said, jealous that you have such a wonderful daughter, would like the same. But I think 60 years is the max when you become parents. Further it is not necessary”, – says Galina.

During the conversation with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Sobanina also said that Ivan and his wife Natalia a lovely couple. According to women, the couple are happy together.