The murder of the doctor in the Murmansk Oncology center shocked the public

Расправа над врачом в мурманском онкодиспансере потрясла общественность The patient stabbed the head of the outpatient Department. According to one, the attacker wanted to avenge a medical professional because of an error in diagnosis. At the same time, other sources claim that the offender had a mental problem.
Расправа над врачом в мурманском онкодиспансере потрясла общественность

On the morning of Wednesday, August 9, in Murmansk has occurred which shocked the locals a crime. At 8:30, a man armed with a knife attacked doctor Igor Tyulenev in local regional oncologic dispensary. The attacker struck the victim several fatal wounds, after which he committed suicide.

At the moment, the circumstances of the incident establish law enforcement officials. The murder of the head of the outpatient Department instituted a criminal case. According to preliminary data published on the website of the Investigative Committee, the attacker was a patient of a medical institution.

The Minister of health of the Murmansk region Valery Peretrukhin noted that this is the first such case in the region. According to officials, the murderer of the doctor was not fighting with cancer, as previously reported in several publications.

“He is on admission was not recorded. He spoke here, he had some problems, but no cancer had been identified. Research will be conducted, there was the treatment of the patient now raise all of the medical record, the Prosecutor’s office will withdraw, will examination, including psychiatric,” – said Peretrukhin.
Расправа над врачом в мурманском онкодиспансере потрясла общественность

The tragedy provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Social media users put forward their versions of what happened. “Mentally deranged,he has been trying to kill the doctor in another place,” – says Alexey. The same opinion is shared by the Xenia.

“Freak was under the supervision of the mental hospital, and this is not his first attack. He got it into his head that he had cancer of the throat, the diagnosis was not confirmed, and treatment was refused, and this is the doctor… And the children are now orphans,” said murmanchanka.

According to locals, the deceased physician is survived by two children aged twelve and seven years. According to the information which appeared on the Internet, the victim’s wife was his counterpart. A woman can not recover after the incident. Those who personally knew Igor Tyulenev, my condolences go out to his family. “I’ve observed him for years. A great man he was and the doctor”, “Eternal memory, never forget. I think that in 22 years of work in the dispensary you saved the lives of many people”, “in memory,” they write.

At the same time in the Network subject to the review, which reported unconfirmed officially information. If you believe this data, the doctor was killed because of the wrong diagnosis. It is alleged that a medical professional supposedly made a mistake when he treated the wife of the killer.

Other sources say that the attacker a few years went with complaints of poor health, but each time was sent home with calls not to worry. Two years later inhabitant of Murmansk was diagnosed with “Cancer is not inoperable stage”. On hearing this, the man allegedly decided to commit a crime.

Law enforcement officers are in no hurry to clarify the speculation of the public. The official representative of the regional SC Xenia Koshelyuk told reporters that in the interests of the investigation some of the details were not disclosed.

“At present, the identity of the killer is already installed. It is known that he was a patient of the cancer center, however, it is not clear whether the chief of Department of his doctor. Now questioned the medical staff confiscated medical records, interview witnesses. Only after that we can talk about motives,” quoting a woman in the media.

In the preparation of this article was used the material MK, and RIA Novosti.