The murder of a musician Nadezhda Babkina: version, scandal and reconstruction of events

Убийство музыканта Надежды Бабкиной: версии, скандал и реконструкция событий Balalaika by Dmitry Kalinin was found dead in Moscow. The man played in various popular bands, was a member of the show orchestra “Russian style” and an actor of theatre “Russian song” Babkina. The musician for several days was looking for a team of volunteers, the body was found on the third day.
Убийство музыканта Надежды Бабкиной: версии, скандал и реконструкция событий

The news of the murder of a musician Dmitri Kalinin appeared in the media only on 4 January, although the man died on New year’s eve. The man worked in the theater “Russian song” headed by Nadezhda Babkina. It is about the place he was last seen. Despite an extensive search, balalaika did not have time to save. “StarHit” has decided to understand in the circumstances of this mysterious case.


The last time musician Dmitri Kalinin seen 27 Dec. At approximately 9.30 am he went out after the rehearsal of the building of the theatre “Russian song” in the middle-class district of the capital, and left in an unknown direction. Relatives of the artist raised the alarm after Dmitry in the evening did not return home and did not answer calls.

Native Kalinina turned into a public search group “Lisa Alert”. Activists for several days of combing the area between the theatre and house, but their efforts were in vain. The body of the artist was found on December 30 in the Basmanny impasse, that a 40-minute walk from the concert hall, near the railway bridge.

The attacker or attackers struck the man several knife wounds from which the artist died. Close to Kalinin’s body was found on the murder weapon. The investigative Committee has opened a criminal case.

Убийство музыканта Надежды Бабкиной: версии, скандал и реконструкция событий


The news of the death of the balalaika was a real shock to his colleagues. So, the head of the orchestra “Russian style”, Dmitry Kalinin and namesake of the deceased rushed to Express condolences to the family of the musician.

“He was a very talented man. New saw sound of the balalaika in the world, new way it was broadcast. He wove the sound of the instrument in dance music, which was broadcast in the clubs and discos” – said the man.

Musician Konstantin Suharto also expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased. According to the artist, Kalinin was a wonderful man with a fine mental organization and great talent.

“Gone from the life of a friend, a colleague, positive, bright, talented, a good person. The bright memory of Dima. Friends, take care of yourself” – said Suharto on Instagram.

Many (and this is true!) Dmitry fans around the world were also shocked by this news. They have written dozens of messages, leaving them on the pages of Kalinin in social networks. Fans hope that the perpetrators will be found and punished.

Colleagues balalaika reported that on 9 January in Moscow will be held the evening of memory, devoted to Dmitry. Friends and fans will come together and arrange a concert in the format of a jam session. In addition, today, January 5, at home for a musician Naberezhnye Chelny already wall outlet. the event is dedicated to the memory of balalaika.


The death of a famous musician suddenly turned into a scandal. The fact that a number of media outlets who wrote about the death of the artist, placed in articles… other people’s photos. This was reported by representatives of the orchestra “Russian style” on his page in the social network.

“The Internet was flooded with news regarding the death of Dmitri Kalinin, but with photos of our artistic Director and conductor, having the same name. Please don’t be fooled. It’s two different people”, – reported in the official appeal.

On the page of Kalinin in the “Vkontakte” and even sparked controversy. Not all netizens flattering speak about the artist. There ponabezhali Internet trolls, omorashi on the theme of death and balalaika.

However, most fans of instrumental music are sure that Dmitry’s death was a great loss for the art world.

Now, Russia’s Investigative Committee is considering different versions of what happened. While it is known, that Kalinin was killed with a kitchen knife. Fatal was the blow struck in the heart. Perhaps we are talking about a crime committed on home soil. However, the companions of Dmitry have no idea who could have committed the murder. Talking to reporters, they said that the actor was a kind man who had no enemies.

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