The mother of Yulia Samoilova tried to protect her daughter

Мама Юлии Самойловой попыталась защитить дочь
A few days ago, the singer Yulia Samoylova, who represented Russia this year in the International competition “Eurovision”, held in Portugal, failed to even reach the final of the competition.

Мама Юлии Самойловой попыталась защитить дочь

After that, the performer barrage of criticism, netizens have considered that Julia just disgraced. But mom Samoilova blamed the team for his daughter.

Мама Юлии Самойловой попыталась защитить дочь

“After Eurovision, we have a million “Why?”. Why did penny clip on the knee? Why is nobody in Julia didn’t invest, because it represents the whole country? Why she struck so much negativity? There is even the impression that these statements were specifically paid for – says mom Julia. – Julia was broken before the show. It happened after the first wave of negativity, when they aired the clip. And what is now happening on the Internet, not even a simple gesture, even words can not pick up. Last year she was supported. And this flows like one negative”.

The actress was very worried because of the results of the second semi-final and when I found out about that you have not collected enough points, began to cry.

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