The mother of Yulia Samoilova accused her colleagues in humiliating defeat

Мама Юлии Самойловой обвинила ее коллег в позорном поражении According to women, the daughter was broken prior to participation in “Eurovision”. Rita Samoilov believes that Julia has failed at the international song contest. Close artist upset and are depressed.
Мама Юлии Самойловой обвинила ее коллег в позорном поражении

In the night from Thursday to Friday in Portugal was the second semifinal of the Eurovision song contest. Russia was represented by 29-year-old singer from Ukhta Yulia Samoilova, who was a favorite of Alla Pugacheva during participation in the project “factor a”. The artist performed the song “I Won’t Break”. At the end of his speech Samoylova not passed to the next stage, not gaining enough points.

Julia Samoylova at Eurovision forgot the lyrics

Social media users responded differently to the room of Julia. Someone decided that the artist perfectly showed himself, fulfilling his cherished dream. Others criticized the singer, thinking that she disgraced the international song contest. Reporters contacted the mother of Julia Rita, commented on high-profile events.

“After Eurovision, we have a million “Why?”. Why did penny clip on the knee? Why is nobody in Julia didn’t invest, because it represents the whole country? Why she struck so much negativity? There is even the impression that these statements have been specifically paid for, the woman stated. – Julia was broken before the show. It happened after the first wave of negativity, when they aired the clip. And what is now happening on the Internet, not even a simple gesture, even words can not pick up. Last year she was supported. And this flows like one negative”.
Мама Юлии Самойловой обвинила ее коллег в позорном поражении

Parent samoylovoy came to Portugal together with her husband Oleg. Close Julia were in the room and was looking forward to its release. Rita Samoilova was pleased that her daughter stands in front of an audience of millions. To see Julia and talk to her was only an hour after the speech. According to Rita Samoilova, then the girl did not cry, but was in a depressed state.

In the nearest plans of Julia – participation in the program “Let them talk”. A special edition of the programme dedicated to the “Eurovision” will show on Saturday, may 12. The singer will tell the viewers about how to prepare for competition, and share their emotions after a big event. According to Rita Samoilova and her daughter very much dependent on the team, and colleagues didn’t work hard enough on the room of the performer. The woman does not hide that upset unsuccessful, in her opinion, the performance of Julia.

“This just in “Let them talk” the team will explain how and why it happened. Initially, when the whole world is on the clip laughed, was such a violent reaction to the video that regretted the money that Russia is a shame that zero cents invested in clip. Yes, liked the song, the lyrics much, but in this clip it seems that Julia herself did. It itself was the reaction. Actually, I think that the “Eurovision” means to stand out, because it is a country that face. And it initially turned do not know what face,” said the mother of the actress in an interview.

However, Julia Samoylova is not going to give up. The singer plans to present his autobiography, which is published in publishing house “Eksmo”. “We will fight and go further”, – said Yulia’s mother with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.