The mother of Timur’s administration apologized to the family of Spartaka Mishulina

Мама Тимура Еремеева извинилась перед семьей Спартака Мишулина Tatiana asked forgiveness from daughter of the actor. Karina Mishulina repeatedly said that the scandal around the name of her father affected the health of Valentina Konstantinovna. She wanted this story received publicity all over the country.
Мама Тимура Еремеева извинилась перед семьей Спартака Мишулина

In the beginning of the week the results of the DNA test of the alleged illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina and novice actor Timur Eremeeva. The daughter of a famous artist found a suit of Carlson, in which he acted. Experts were able to detect the biomaterial, which has been able to establish that the young man really is the heir of Spartak Vasilyevich. Timur Eremeev – son of Spartaka Mishulina. The whole history of the conflict between relatives

After the Studio program “Let them talk” was announced results, Karina doubted the validity of the study. Dmitry Borisov again gathered all the participants of this high profile case. Mishulina said he wanted to convey his position, which, in its opinion, has not taken into account. According to her, Timur should have come to her and the mother much earlier and not to make this like a show. She believes that once her father had concealed information about the illegitimate son, so he thought it necessary. Timur Eremeev about the result of the DNA test: “Spartak Mishulin my dad? It was not a surprise for me”

“If during these 12 years, people found the opportunity to come to us, of course, the first reaction would still be a shock. But we would have found the courage and strength quietly, in the family to understand. When discussing the Pope, it is only as a creative person. And no one with whom he cheated on and who he was. Ethically it’s ugly,” said Mishulina.
Мама Тимура Еремеева извинилась перед семьей Спартака Мишулина

Experts in the Studio remembered about the behavior of Karina’s first talk show. Many thought that it was a natural reaction of women, as she was unprepared to the conversation on this topic. Today the actor’s daughter found the strength to apologize for his words.

“I did not expect that I can’t control myself, as if a veil was closed, if it’s not me. So it was impossible to behave, really. So behave only in the kitchen. But I became wiser,” he justified Mishulina.
Мама Тимура Еремеева извинилась перед семьей Спартака Мишулина

Although 12 years later after the death of the famous actor opened the details of his personal life, the daughter said that nothing could change her relationship to dad. Also host of a talk show Dmitry Borisov recalled the moment when Karina did not believe the DNA results.

“This is an expert study and performed in the laboratory of Federal significance. Have a subscription about a criminal liability for knowingly giving false result. Ethical aspects do not interest me, – said Pavel Ivanov. – The Y-chromosome is passed from father to son, can mutate, this is the case, we see by the example of Timur. 100% is impossible to achieve”.

Mishulina admitted that in this story she is very sorry for his mother, Valentina Konstantinovna. First and foremost, she wanted to protect her from public attention.

“I wanted to call my father father and not have lawsuits,” – said Timur to the claims of the sisters.

Мама Тимура Еремеева извинилась перед семьей Спартака Мишулина

Many of the guests in the Studio doubted that Karina and her mother was not aware of the existence of Timur and Tatiana. Mishulina swore by the lives of their children that didn’t know about it. Eremeev hastened to apologize to the sister.

“Karin, I think you recognize me right to be wrong, that I’m alive. No offence to you. The young man said, I doubt we’ll hug it out in the Studio, I said, do not promise” – said Timur.

Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky said that he was informed about another illegitimate child Mishulina. The editors of the program “Let them talk” found neighbor ballerinas that allegedly had a baby from Spartak Vasilyevich. According to Lucy Lassan, Maya Autochina did everything that no one knew about her affair with a famous actor. One day a neighbor saw them together, and after a while noticed that the daughter of a ballerina similar to Spartak Vasilyevich.

Dmitry Borisov appealed to the fans Karina and Timur, they came together. Half an hour after the recording of the program behind the scenes, Tatiana Eremeeva asked forgiveness from Karina and her mom.