Мать соперницы Алисы Аршавиной защитила дочь от жестоких нападок Kazakhstan model Olga Semyonov is suspected of a scandalous PR with the athlete, and some believe that men render services for money. Parent girl Tamara has shared his opinion about the significant events in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.
Мать соперницы Алисы Аршавиной защитила дочь от жестоких нападок

Model from Kazakhstan Olga Semenova was at the center of public attention after the Network got the video, which hugs her footballer Andrei Arshavin. The girl claims that he had received violent threats from the wife of the athlete Alice. Olga told her story in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Wife Arshavin will avoid criminal punishment

According to Semenova, Arshavin himself has provided her attentions. A acquaintance of footballer and model took place through their common friend Paul.

“That day we went to dinner with a friend. Called Paul Zabara, said, “We’re having dinner, come. Andrey Arshavin wants to meet you”. At first I sat at the edge of the table, but on the initiative of Arshavin beside him. At first it was decorous, noble. (…) After a while I was asked to appear on camera, he agreed. Any signs not allowed. When a friend started making videos, Arshavin somehow began roughly groping”, – said the girl.
Мать соперницы Алисы Аршавиной защитила дочь от жестоких нападок

In the future, with Olga contacted Alice Arshavin. The newscast showed fragments of the correspondence of the spouse of the football player with the model. “I was in shock. (…) I tell her: “Me and your husband nothing to tie and to bind.” But it was not satisfied with this answer, she starts to threaten me and insult. The most innocent insult – “stupid idiot,” said Semenov.

Some experts transmission found that Olga decided to attract attention through scandal. The girl’s mother, Tamara also appeared in the Studio program. She sided with her daughter.

“The daughter called and said: “If with me something happens, you can blame Alice Arshavin”. At the moment I do not know, – the woman declared. – My only daughter – my pride, I know she’s a child. I know she’s not a whore, not giving up and is not removed anywhere as Alice said Arshavin. Let her prove at least one fact. She threatened my child.”
Мать соперницы Алисы Аршавиной защитила дочь от жестоких нападок

One of the spectators condemned the behavior of Olga, which she finds unworthy and defiant. According to women, Semenova deliberately posts provocative Instagram shots. However, the girl’s mother urged her to calm down. “My daughter is a fashion model, what is this?” perplexed Tamara Semenova.

Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked the woman how she refers to the fact that Olga spent time with Andrei Arshavin. Tamara Semenova sees in the act girls nothing wrong with that.

“My daughter is a single girl. She came to the restaurant, not… whatever it’s – has an arm around her waist? So what? – says the woman. If I saw her husband in the video, I would first ask him what happened, and only then beginning someone write. Alice should be wiser, because she’s 35”.