Мать внука Марии Шукшиной намекнула на новый роман после ДНК-теста Freya silber was intrigued by the subscribers with a man. In the photo, which was published a young mother, a stranger appeared with a naked torso. True face of the alleged lover she prudently closed with a smile.
Мать внука Марии Шукшиной намекнула на новый роман после ДНК-теста

Six months ago no one even knew who Freya silber. But now the girl confidently giving interviews, scandals with its members and shares the secrets of parenting a newborn son. All this became possible thanks to her failed affair with Makar Kasatkin – son of Maria Shukshina.

Just a few days ago it became known that the son of 19-year-old Freya silber is the grandson of the actress. The Freya his victory over the famous dynasty chose not to comment. As it turned out, the young mother has better things to do, because she has to have time not only to watch over the small mark, but to build a personal life. At least, to such conclusion members Zilber after she posted a photo with a mysterious man.

In the picture buddy the girls appeared bare-chested. Freya prudently closed the face of a stranger a smile, which immediately gave rise to rumors of a new novel by a young mother.

Мать внука Марии Шукшиной намекнула на новый роман после ДНК-теста

She Zilber tries to ignore questions about his personal life, only occasionally reacting to criticism from subscribers. According to girls, strangers have no right to invade her soul and give advice about the education of his son.

“I’m a bad mother because I take my son absolutely everywhere. Everywhere. Including were and will travel by train/plane, different public places and much more. He always behaves well and is not a problem. Sorry that my world is not confined to the four walls of a Playground”, — said recently the Freya on Instagram.

By the way, the girl is my daughter Eva, whom she bore at the age of 14. However the girl lives with the mother of Freya in Barnaul, where she is to return from Moscow is clearly not going. Especially now silber can count on a good child support from Makar Kasatkina pleaded the father of her son Mark.

A few weeks ago there were rumors that Freya met with a Makarov for my son, but apparently the hopes of the fans did not materialize. There is an impression that the young mother decided to begin a new phase, letting in his love life.

The son of Maria Shukshina tried to distance himself from the scandal. A young man leads the social network and does not comment on the prosecution of Freya in the systematic beatings and drug addiction. Fans hope that for the sake of a child Kasatkin and Zilber will be able to restore normal communication.