The mother of the deceased Igor Sorin was told about the tragedy

Мать погибшего Игоря Сорина рассказала о трагедии

Friends of the musician remembered what Igor was in life and how tragically he left her.

This young guy predicted a bright future, but fate decreed otherwise. In 28 years the soloist of the popular pop group has decided to commit suicide. Igor jumped out the window of the music Studio while recording a solo album and was still alive. The doctors arrived quickly and managed to have a Sorin to help, but after a few days, Igor died from his injuries. He was buried in the kuzminskoye cemetery in Moscow.

Since that tragic day, 18 years have passed. Only now mom is a talented artist Svetlana Sorin agreed to talk openly about the tragedy in their family in the “Mirror for the hero”.

The mother of the legendary soloist of “Ivanushki International” has told how she managed to survive the death of the son.

“I have not buried. Probably, any mother can’t bury her son. He lives somewhere here in these walls, I feel it, – said mother, Sorina Oksana Pushkina. — I saw in the intensive care unit is a quiet person. He said to me: “Mom, kiss me”, I kissed her. And then I realized that this is the end. But to him I said, “All will be well”.

The cause of the incident still remain unknown. Sorin in the suicide note, reported that he decided on an irreversible act, but friends of the artist said to suicide drove him into a prolonged depression. Igor’s parents still can’t believe their son made the decision to part with life.

“Before you commit to a flight, ten times it was possible to think again. Too gently he lay on the curb, it was hard to believe that he was flying from the sixth floor,” he supported the ex-wife of Vladimir Ryberg.

After Igor’s death at Sarinay was seriously depressed. The woman left in. In a difficult moment came to help fans of her late son. Svetlana took their support, but did not know that this will lead to yet another sorrow in her life. Beloved husband Volodya too often communicated with one of the fans of the son, followed her to the subway. But it soon became clear that she was pregnant with his child.

“He has somewhere there to continue itself. He said: “I don’t care who will be the mother of my child, it is important that the child was,” recalled Svetlana.

In the end, the second wife of Vladimir gave him two children, but no matter what, he always kept in his memory the image of Igor.

After the death of the son of Svetlana got a job in a children’s center, which helps troubled teenagers. And after a while was able to arrange my personal life. A woman met a man with whom could be happy.

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