The mother of the deceased Igor Sorin spoke frankly about the tragedy

Мать погибшего Игоря Сорина откровенно заговорила о трагедии The mother of musician Svetlana Sorin and other loved ones remembered, how was the singer. The contractor left the band in the spring of 1998, and several months later he died tragically.

      Мать погибшего Игоря Сорина откровенно заговорила о трагедии

      In the “Mirror for the hero” the mother of the legendary soloist of “Ivanushki International” Igor Sorin and his loved ones remembered a talented musician. Svetlana Sorin told how she managed to survive the death of the son, and after that breakup with the father of the singer.

      “I have not buried. Probably, any mother can’t bury her son. He lives somewhere here in these walls, I feel it,” said the mother of Sorin Oksana Pushkina.

      Igor Sorin fell from the balcony of the sixth floor Studio September 1, 1998. From his injuries 3 days later he died. The causes of the incident were unknown. The musician claimed in a written note, that he decided to act. Environment said to suicide Sorin brought depression.

      Мать погибшего Игоря Сорина откровенно заговорила о трагедии

      So far Sorin’s parents do not believe their son made the decision to kill himself.

      “I saw in the intensive care unit is a quiet person. He said to me: “Mom, kiss me”, I kissed her. And then I realized that this is the end. But to him I said “All will be well”, – told Svetlana about his last moments with his son.

      “Before you commit to a flight, ten times it was possible to think again. Too very gently he lay on the curb, it was hard to believe that he was flying from the sixth floor,” he supported the ex-wife of Vladimir Ryberg.

      The program remembered about Igor and his fans and friends. To visit Oksana Pushkina came Andrey Grigoriev-Apollos, one of the soloist “Ivanushki International”. He remembered that despite the tight schedule, managed to attend the funeral of Sorin. On the death of his friend he was told before the concert. “I learned in Samara the stadium that Igor Sorin died. I’m in tears. But he had to perform. I went on stage and said, “Just died Igor Sorin, let’s say good-bye to him.” A huge number of people stood a minute of silence. I even heard how he flew the bees,” said Andrew.

      “I did everything to get him to stay in the group. I have no sense of guilt,” said the singer, “He wanted to leave. He didn’t have his material. It just pereklinilo”.

      Igor’s mother recalled why Sorin decided to leave the band in 1998. “He always tried to get out of there, where there was no creativity. He thought he was a puppet on the stage”, – said Svetlana. Grigoriev-Apollos did not agree with this position. “The group “Ivanushki International” in 20 years, but puppets we feel. I sing these songs myself,” said the artist.

      After Igor’s death at Sarinay was stressed, she could not speak. Support woman had groupies Igor, as in difficult moments it was necessary fellowship. However, her husband Volodya too often to chat with one of the fans of the son, to walk her to the subway. But it soon became clear that she was pregnant with his child. “He has somewhere there to continue itself. He said: “I don’t care who will be the mother of my child, it is important that the child was,” recalled Svetlana. The father of the deceased singer, despite the second family, with whom he had two sons, always kept in his memory the image of Igor.

      After the tragedy with his son Svetlana decided to help difficult children, while she had strength. She began working with the center with troubled Teens. Some time later, the woman found the man she loved, whom she could be happy.

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