The mother of Shurygino spoke sharply about the release Semenova

Мама Шурыгиной резко высказалась об освобождении Семенова Natalia voiced its position. Sergey Semenov, who was convicted of rape Diana Shurygina, returned home from prison. But now the family Shurygina fears of a new wave of hype around their daughter.
Мама Шурыгиной резко высказалась об освобождении Семенова

Today, January 10, convicted of statutory rape Diana Shurygina Sergey Semenov was released. Originally it was supposed to be held in prison for eight years, then the young man was reduced almost three times, but in the end, the relatives managed to obtain his release a year later. The guy admits his guilt, but does not intend to achieve punishment for libel – according to him, he will not be able to achieve justice. Sergey Semenov: “I disliked the family of Diana Shurygina”

She Shurygina this year turned his life around and even in October I managed to get married. Chosen girl Andrew Slanina did not bother her notoriety. Despite the fact that Sergei is not going to retaliate Shurygina, mom is afraid of the next wave of hype around her daughter.

“We only breathe quietly began. Diana in family relations the whole. With this hype about his exit again the problem start. He sat quietly. Suppose now that in real life you live. Taste of freedom, so to speak. Last year we as hell was. Do not want to continue. We Lyosha (Diana’s father. – Ed.) a lot lost. Nothing gained, except a distrust of the people”, – admitted Natalia.
Мама Шурыгиной резко высказалась об освобождении Семенова

Throughout the conclusion of a young man dreamed of desperately to be among relatives. “To see their friends and relatives – this is probably the greatest wish. I would like nothing better,” – said he was convicted in July last year.

Semenov himself admitted that he forgave the attackers and over time became another way to treat the allegation of rape. He does not intend to seek meetings with the family Shurygina, especially because they now live in Moscow, and he remained in his native Ulyanovsk. Now Sergei thinks only about how to restore their own life – to continue your studies and start looking for work.

Meanwhile, Diana was planning to launch a music career – she had intended to speak at the birthday party of producer Diana Bocharovoj. However, a couple of minutes before going on stage she was angry at blogger Dmytro and Thorin, which led into the hall a sheep. A little later, the girl apologized for his behavior. Diana Shurygina apologized for the scandal with a sheep

Diana’s mom Shurygino told the journalists of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, what Sergey Semenov should be happy fell down on his fame.