Мама Шурыгиной сообщила сенсационные подробности изнасилования ее дочери Natalia believes that Sergey Semenov advance thought over the crime. The woman is ready to provide all the necessary proof of his words. However, on the filming of Diana Shurygina she doubted the parents ‘ version.
Мама Шурыгиной сообщила сенсационные подробности изнасилования ее дочери

A year ago the whole country was shocked by the story of a minor resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina. She told in the program “Let speak” about that young man Sergey Semenov abused her. The student of the College was threatened with eight years in prison, but then he was sentenced to three years, but on 9 January he was released after a year spent in prison. Today, the defendants in this high-profile case once again gathered in the Studio program “Let them talk”, to discuss the situation.

Family lawyers Shurygina Natalia Glucina was outraged that they were not notified about the release of Sergei. She told Diana that he felt when he learned about the release from prison of her rapist.

Lawyer Diana Shurygina humiliated by Sergei Semenov

“It was a slight shock. Why so early? Just a question. Not even three years. He is still a rapist, not a murderer, that his scared,” said Shurygina on the question.
Мама Шурыгиной сообщила сенсационные подробности изнасилования ее дочери

Dmitry Borisov asked what, in her opinion, caused the distrust of it among the public. According to Diana, she was “small” 16-year-old. But now she’s just changed me over the last year.

Semenov himself still pleads not guilty. He gets used to a free life and wants to recover academically.

“The joy that I have in the wild. I understand that for some time it will be a holiday, need to calm down, it is necessary to all to see who haven’t seen,” said Semenov after his release from prison.

Diana re-thought how to tell your parents about what happened that ill-fated night in the mansion along with strangers. She admitted that only after a direct question moms and dads remembered the abuse the young man. According to the girl, she didn’t fully realize what had happened because I was hungover. Experts in the Studio shamed shurygino the parents who failed to teach the child to stay away from alcohol the night in the company of unfamiliar young people. Each Semenova: “Diana Shurygina 14 years working as a prostitution”

Мама Шурыгиной сообщила сенсационные подробности изнасилования ее дочери

The Diana’s mother Natalia has informed that not so long ago, she once again familiarized with all the details and came to a sensational statement – according to her, the rape was planned.

“Summer went to Ulyanovsk, has carefully studied the case, and I was under the impression that it was all planned. This will be a conversation. When found biological traces, blood was Rohlena, cum, drool Semenov. His clothes were gone no trace at all. Immediately after the rape, he washed the clothes, but she threw up, even it wasn’t discovered,” said the mother of Shurygino.
Мама Шурыгиной сообщила сенсационные подробности изнасилования ее дочери

Diana began to argue with mom for her version about the planned action, which is somewhat confused by experts in the Studio. However, many remembered the story of the two rapists was the information that Alexander Rukhlin was the second guy that Diana had an intimate relationship that night. Natalia remembered how the investigator made him a suspect from a witness. The girl herself does not see sense once again to dig into this matter and deal with the second defendant.

One of the claims Diana was that she felt: Semenov does not comprehend all that happened to him, and unrepentant. In her opinion, he’s acting “like a king”, and enjoys popularity. However, the experts in the Studio did not hesitate to say that waiting for the start of the recording of the program with her two hours, she decided to go shopping and not thinking about the dozens of people who donate for her time. Diana admitted her husband Andrew Slamin insisted on a new outfit, because she was in home clothes. Spouse girls also came to the Studio to support their favorite. He admitted that he had not heard anything about loud story, which featured his fiancee. This answer seemed the guests in the Studio is very unconvincing as the man he worked as a cameraman and shot some videos with her participation. It was then between them and twirled the novel.

Dmitry Borisov asked Diana if she wanted to contact Sergey. The girl spoke in a very confused and could not articulate until the end of his thought.

“Came out, I’m not going to say, well done. Congratulations, I hope you understand, you realize, within yourself. And never let myself do not climb, and after the “no” you back off, hope it’s understandable. And you, asshole,” concluded Shurygina.