The mother of Natalia Andreichenko wished to congratulate the daughter on the anniversary

Мать Натальи Андрейченко не пожелала поздравить дочь с юбилеем On the eve of the actress is 60 years old. Some time ago, Natalia Andreichenko came to live in Mexico. Mother star meets old age in the suburban Dolgoprudny and for some unknown reason refuses to communicate with her daughter.

      Мать Натальи Андрейченко не пожелала поздравить дочь с юбилеем

      The charming “Mary Poppins” the Soviet Union is 60 years old. Natalya Andreychenko is the second consecutive day receiving congratulations on the anniversary from friends and relatives. But among them is unlikely to be the mother of the stars – Lidia. An elderly woman is in a difficult relationship with his daughter and congratulate her on a holiday not going.

      “I don’t want to talk about Natasha! And happy anniversary to congratulate her won’t either. We practically do not communicate. Sorry, I don’t feel great,” said Lidia in an interview with reporters.

      Mother Soviet actress lives in the suburban town of Dolgoprudny. Natalia’s father was not ten years ago, since then an elderly woman who is over eighty, to cope with life alone. For some unknown reason, Lidia refuses to communicate with the famous daughter. That, in turn, always with great respect spoke about the family.

      Now Natalia lives in Mexico, on the ocean, where she opened her own spiritual center. The actress became a rawfoodist, mastered yoga and learned how to energize the space. In addition, according to some, Andreichenko calls himself now an academician of the International Academy of kindness.

      “The last time we saw Natalia in 2001 – told the neighbor mom and wife, Olga “Express newspaper”. – Lydia Vasilevna pity, of course, she’s no one around, but she’s in her 80 – hurts often. Even in the grocery store to go she can’t. Well, if once a week outside to get some air”.

      Meanwhile, on its website Natalia Andreichenko claims that “has passed a difficult way from the abyss and came out of the abyss of human passions and dependencies, from which, it seems, no way out. In this, in her opinion, helped her teachers. Among them – the Dalai Lama, Keeper of the ancient Toltec wisdom of don Miguel Ruiz, a philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, elder schema-Archimandrite Isaac and the father of Blaise.

      It is known that Andreichenko holds Mexico in their own workshops. In addition, together with like-minded people, she often organizes special holidays on which people sing, dance and enjoy life. The participants of the actions also establish a “monuments of kindness”, which, according to andriychenko, push the war and make the space better. All those who have been on spiritual encounters with the star, stressed that it easy and relaxed in communication.

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