The mother of Michael Jackson complained about the actions of his nephew

Мать Майкла Джексона пожаловалась на действия племянника

Katherine Jackson, the mother of the king of pop Michael Jackson, has filed a lawsuit against his nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson in a Los Angeles court. Elderly woman accuses a young man and fraud and requires the court to prohibit the family member to approach her.

According to documents filed in court, Trent Lamar, who last few years is the personal driver of his 86-year-old aunt, got access to her Bank accounts without her permission for a long time to pay their costs.
“Trent used the kindness of Catherine and manipulate her. When the fraud was established, he begged her not to report him, crying, and this so affected her mind that she had simply taken it back,” said the insider.
The pleasure of older women is her little grandson Issa, who is fifty years old and gave birth to her daughter. Yesterday, Katherine was spotted at the London home of Janet and al Mana Wissy. Since the advent of the grandson into the light, it was the first visit grandmother. At her age, the flights are not so easy, you know.