Мать Леонида Агутина раскрыла неизвестные факты из его биографии The mother of an artist wrote a book. In it she talked about long-standing resentment of Leonid Agutin to the father, about his relationship with his daughter from his first marriage and Angelika Varum. Revelations of women created a furore among fans of the artist.
Мать Леонида Агутина раскрыла неизвестные факты из его биографии

Leonid Agutin has long taken place on the Olympus of the Russian show-business. His songs I love how fans of popular music, and the adherents of alternative creativity. The musician not too fond of Frank. In his Instagram photographs regularly appear with his daughters and wife, but their feelings, the actor prefers not to tell.

However, now fans of the musician have the opportunity to learn unknown facts from his biography. Mother Ludmila, Leonid Agutin wrote a book about the son. In it in particular details of the long-standing conflict with the singer’s father.

“Everything was going well, and we didn’t know that soon our family will overtake the trouble. Right before the New year, in December 1983, the husband left the family. For Laziness the gap of the parents was not easy. He became worse to study, started to smoke, quite beside myself. Well, that was music, which he trusted. He often told me that I will marry, and the father will regret that he left the family”, – said the mother of the artist.

With age, Leonid Agutin could resolve the conflict with his father. Now they have established a good relationship, and the parent often performs with his famous son.

Remembered Lyudmila Leonidovna and how I first became a grandmother. According to the woman, the birth of a daughter Polina was a big surprise for the artist. Despite the fact that yesterday was not a great love towards the mother of the child Maria Vorobyeva, he still tried to preserve the Union and always supported the daughter.

A special place in the biography of Leonid, of course, is the romance with Angelica Varum. The mother of the musician remembered that he was with incredible delight told about the chosen one and literally went crazy from the feelings.

“We are so comfortable together. I behaved like a boy to show off in front of her. Didn’t know fool that it has been decided. Wise woman. She was just waiting for this cool dude will stop being shy and say what you have to say. I said. Everything fell into place,” said Agutin mother.

According to the mother of the singer, Leonid and Angelica literally inseparable. Despite the rumors that have periodically surrounded by the couple, the couple continue to sincerely and gently love each other. Excerpts from the autobiography published on the website “KP”, it becomes clear that the daughter Agutin are in a great relationship. The musician tries to pay grown-up children their full attention.