The mother of a Russian citizen, convicted for life in Zanzibar, calls for his release

Мать россиянина, осужденного пожизненно на Занзибаре, требует его освобождения Dmitry Kosyakov was sentenced to prison for more than 20 years ago because of the murder of a friend. Now his mother is trying to get his son to return home.
Мать россиянина, осужденного пожизненно на Занзибаре, требует его освобождения

In the mid-90s, Claudia Yatsunenko, together with her husband and son went from the Orel region to Zanzibar in search of a better life. However, instead of work she was in a terrible situation – her 17-year-old heir Dmitry Kosyakov put in jail. Initially the guy was sentenced to death by hanging, but later commuted the decision to life imprisonment.

Since then it’s been more than 20 years and only now a woman, have not seen his son, decided to seek pardon of the son. She appeared in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to ask for help.

Klavdiya Aleksandrovna has told that in the childhood the son was friends with the same boys like himself – who recently moved from Russia to Africa. In that ill-fated day she saw a police car, in which sat her Dima and his friend Ivan.

“I was summoned, I found out that she killed Alex, the more I know nothing”, – told Yatsunenko.
Мать россиянина, осужденного пожизненно на Занзибаре, требует его освобождения

The woman barely remembers a time when the life of her family turned into a nightmare. Then the young people were charged with the murder of comrade – the guy was mutilated and burned in their own home. As testimony was taking six-year-old boy who allegedly saw as Dima and Vanya escape from the yard, and then starts a fire.

According to the mother of the deceased, or Klavdiya Aleksandrovna, no mom Ivana never tried to talk to her. In the end it is the complaint Iraida guys awarded capital punishment.

“Three years was the court. Never, no, nor the second, I have not approached. If not guilty, then usually say, “for God’s Sake, save my child, he is not guilty,” said the mother of the murdered young man.
Мать россиянина, осужденного пожизненно на Занзибаре, требует его освобождения

Convicted Ivan died in prison from tuberculosis. Now the only dream of Claudia Alexandrovna, to obtain her son’s release, while he was still alive.

“I don’t care he’s involved or not involved, I want him released – he is 20 years more than spent,” said the woman.

However, some experts who were monitoring the situation, said that this story has many contradictions. Alexander Sharkevich, a former senior operations officer for particularly important cases of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, recalled that the mother of the slain man brought to court 16 witnesses, while the defense found no one. Also remembered that at the time of the trials a woman has lost 18 thousand dollars. Some noted that Iraida was accused that she did the illegal abortions, because to earn such a substantial sum on Zanzibar is almost impossible.

Guests in the Studio were confused and why the relatives didn’t want the guys he was serving a sentence at home.

“Could be extradited to serve his sentence in Russia, but the parents and the children themselves prisoners spoke out against the extradition. They were counting on a pardon in the country where pronounced this terrible sentence,” – said the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Tanzania during 1997-2004 Doku Zavgayev.

Мать россиянина, осужденного пожизненно на Занзибаре, требует его освобождения

In addition, despite the fact that the prosecution brought 16 people witnesses, they were confused in their words. Also to it was not attached by any picture. According to the journalists who had the opportunity to personally interact with detainees, they did not consider themselves guilty.

Close I hope that on January 13 a miracle will happen, they’re waiting for more than 20 years is the only day of the year, when in Zanzibar you can get a pardon.