Мать-убийца из Сочи борется за опеку над детьми Released from prison a criminal and her mother decide who will be five heirs. Two daughters and three sons, who served in the colony of Natalia Mironova had a baby with different men while living with her grandmother, Lyudmila Tyuminoy. Women in conflict and can’t make up for several months.
Мать-убийца из Сочи борется за опеку над детьми

Two residents of Sochi Natalia Mironova and her mother Ludmila Tumina decide who of them will live five children. Women try to understand the situation almost half a year. Mironov recently released from prison where he was serving a sentence for killing a man. All this time her heirs were under the care of his grandmother. However, now the ex-prisoner she wants to educate them.

Two daughters and three sons Natalia were born from different men. Quite early she began to lead a riotous life, and in 15 years she had her first child – a girl angelina. The father of the baby contacted the native of Sochi, then jailed for assault. After a time, she met another man, Michael. From the new chosen one her second daughter, Suzanne. Roommate was a thief, he gradually took out from the house valuable things, and then completely disappeared. According to Tyuminoy, Natalie also did not differ exemplary behavior: abused alcohol, a lot of walking, did not take care of children. Ludmila didn’t know how to reason with her daughter. The woman was surprised that the son behaves normally and does not disappoint her, and Natasha always gets in trouble.

“He’s a normal, working, not drinking. And Natalia, it is clear, paternal genes. With her first husband, the father of my children, I have lived only four years. He had been drinking, rowdy. I could not resist, took her children and ran away from him. Got ourselves a room in a hostel.
Мать-убийца из Сочи борется за опеку над детьми

At first we had only one room, then gave the second. Son and daughter were very young when I met my second husband – Alexander by Cuminum. But with him, I was lucky. He was nice to my kids – their. Educate them spoke kindly,” said Tamina in an interview with reporters.

In 2009, their family was a tragedy. Natalia came home after a week’s holiday in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Her mother’s husband, Alexander, was out sick, he had a broken leg. Together with his brother he was a little drunk. When Natasha came at two o’clock, the man started to explain to her that she is behaving badly, absolutely not paying attention to children.

Мать-убийца из Сочи борется за опеку над детьми“This is three days did not appear. That night we didn’t sleep: we have a granddaughter Susannah with a high fever lying there, grippable. And seven-month-old Ilya cried all the time. I when Natalia came in, could not get up. And her husband Sasha was drunk, began to teach her life, saying, go to children, not ashamed. My husband is usually with his grandchildren he was controlled – fed them, swaddled. But this time could not resist, began to abuse her. I flared up: “Tired of both, to me at five in the morning to get up!” Went to work. And somewhere, seven o’clock call neighbors: “Natasha stepfather stabbed!” – says Lyudmila.
Мать-убийца из Сочи борется за опеку над детьми

When law enforcement agencies began to investigate the situation, Natalia insisted that he used the knife as a means for self-defense.

Мать-убийца из Сочи борется за опеку над детьми“My stepfather hit me, and I defensively grabbed what caught my arm. I was trying to prove that it was self-defense, but I didn’t listen. Do the stepfather I never liked it I got picked on, and could to raise his hand. And mother and we often clashed. In the family all the best got brother, not me!” – Natalya spoke to investigators.

The woman was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of six years. It turned out that at the time Natalia was waiting for the fifth child. Youngest son Daniel was born in 2010 while she was serving a sentence in a correctional facility. Till three years the boy was with his mother, then he had to give to the orphanage, but my grandmother took the baby.

The guardianship has already tried to interfere in the Affairs of the family in 2009. While Ludmila went to bury her husband in Penza, all four kids were sent to an orphanage. The woman managed to return them.

Мать-убийца из Сочи борется за опеку над детьми“They still fear that they will be picked up again. I comfort: “do Not worry, I will not give”. Angelina asked me, “Grandma, why did the mother killed the grandfather? I loved grandpa!” I answer: it is not necessary to condemn the mother, by chance all came out, she didn’t want…” – said Lyudmila reporters.

After Natalia was released from prison, she was again able to raise children, therefore custody with the grandmother was removed. First, Mironov has established itself very well in the eyes of the authorities: it worked, I worked with kids, but then fired her, and she returned to her previous life.

“Started drinking at night to go. I talked to her, scolded. But in April last year she left and never came back up. It turned out that she found a man with an apartment and went to live with him. As a guardian before I received benefits. But without support I just got a really hard to raise five grandchildren!” said Tumino.

Now women are fighting for custody of the children. According to Lyudmila, Natalia cannot be trusted heirs. Mironov says the opposite. Now she cohabits with a man, and, according to her, she’s so good.

“I have children she was taken, she herself ran off to her lover. I just need financial support for the maintenance of grandchildren: she does not give a penny to feed, water, clothe. I applied to the court for termination of parental rights Natalia and returned to custody. While the court limited the Natalia parental rights for six months. And then, if it does not help in their upbringing and maintenance, can deprive completely” – said Lyudmila in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Mironov is sure that the mother was plotting against her. It is terrifying the situation was. “I love my children and will fight for them. Recently got a job as a laborer. Will work to pay for child support half the salary. I live with the beloved man in his apartment, he receives a salary of 27 thousand and is prepared to take in five children. We are going to sign. We have a family – so again, the court will give them to me!” – says the woman.

As the sons and daughters Natalia, they do not love mom, because I think that she abandoned them. Junior Daniel knows that he was born in prison, and the eldest had not seen from her no affection.

“Children hurt the mother. Sometimes such nasty things about her say! I suppress it. Say: whatever it was is mother. And Natalie constantly saying, “the kids need You now, not later! Then it will be too late,” – said Lyudmila.