The most memorable outfits of the show Met Gala over the last decade

Самые запоминающиеся наряды шоу Met Gala за последнее десятилетие

Самые запоминающиеся наряды шоу Met Gala за последнее десятилетие

Year after year, celebrities really want to impress the audience at the Met Gala with their elegant outfits. And only a few manage to get into the story of this event Who is still remembered by people over the last decade?

Meeting the Met Gala is the biggest night of fashion, which allows the stars to be stylish as well as outside of the box to match the theme of the annual event in new York. During the 2010s, we’ve seen many incredible images on the red carpet Met Gala, but some impressed us more than others. Rihanna as never before, drew all the attention when she arrived on the red carpet at the event in 2015. She was one of the last people arrived, and looked just magical in his incredibly yellow ensemble.

Самые запоминающиеся наряды шоу Met Gala за последнее десятилетие
The perfect dress differed very long train that perfectly fit each photo. RiRi looked like “icon of elegance” in this particular dress, and she added even more glamour with its intricate hat. This hat resembled a tiara or head ornament of the Oriental beauties. People literally could not take my eyes off her when she posed for pictures. In the same year, Beyonce was one of the last who arrived with another stunning way. It transparent, too revealing dress perfectly pressed every inch of her body. In addition present intricate beaded jewelry, and Bay looked at it insanely great.

Then, of course, was the image of Kim Kardashian in 2013 in the style of met Gala. After years of participating in the prom, Kim has finally been invited, along with her husband Kanye West in 2013. She was just a few weeks away from the birth of her first child at the time. Dress Kim up like a flowery meadow. The dress was quite modest, as had long sleeves, and the dress was quite long. However, the fans and the critics ridiculed this outfit, but it would be a legendary moment in fashion that has strengthened the place of Kim at the event for years to come!

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