Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен

Julia Roberts/ Margot Robbie

Very soon will be the most anticipated and influential award in the world cinema — 91-I ceremony of delivery of awards “Oscar”. Before this event SPLETNIK.RU gathered the most spectacular beauty of Luke: from the legendary Audrey Hepburn, grace Kelly and Barbra Streisand to contemporary divas Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek.

Audrey Hepburn, 1954

Audrey Hepburn received their “Oscars” for the main role in “Roman holiday” (Roman Holiday) to dress personally made for her by Hubert de Givenchy. At the ceremony the actress appeared with wide eyebrows (say, the artists shared their almost pin), short hair, jagged bangs and smoothed with gel temples.

In 1955, the actress received the “Oscar” for her role in “the country girl” (The Country Girl), but we think that a separate award was earned makeup and hairstyle grace. Golden hair stylists gathered her in a neat bundle and garnish with a rose Bud and eyes down the black eyeliner.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Grace Kelly
Barbra Streisand, 1969

In 1969 Barbara Streisand came out to get a coveted statuette for her role in the film “Funny girl” (Funny Girl) in a black sheer pantsuit, sequined, designer Arnold Scaasi. Particularly juicy outfit looked from the rear, he left very little to the imagination. This outfit got thousands of listings the most iconic, outrageous and worst bows in the entire history of the Academy awards. But the makeup and hair is plain: the iconic Bob and cat’s hands.

Goldie hawn, 1973

From the end of 60 years, Goldie hawn has become an icon of beauty. Many of her fans were brought to their hairdressers photo actress “Oscar-1973” and asked to make it a hairstyle in boho style. Although the ceremony some styling stars with ridiculous rose on top, only amuse.
Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Goldie Hawn

Meryl Streep, 1979

During a first appearance on the red carpet “Oscar” Meryl Streep (who would have thought that the star will become a three-time winner of the award will be nominated a record 21 times — more than any other actor or actress in the history of cinema) was 29 years old. Celebrities that year, unfortunately, the award is not received, but conquered all his laconic way. Bright shiny hair Meryl left her, and the makeup chose Ludowy. Makeup artists only lightly paint over the eyelashes of the celebrity black mascara, and lips are emphasized with a lipstick shade of brick.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Meryl Streep
Daryl Hannah, 1988

Daryl Hannah posed for photographers at the “Oscar-1988” in the image of a retro diva. She complemented the Golden evening dress white gloves, did my hair in soft waves and bright makeup.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Daryl Hannah

Kim Basinger, 1990

Asymmetrical white dress that Kim Basinger appeared at the ceremony, the critics smashed to smithereens, calling it monstrous and tasteless. But the makeup and styling looks impeccable porcelain skin, a perfect brick red lipstick, accentuated eyebrows and fashion in the 90s curls, arranged with the help of a considerable number of styling products.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Elizabeth Taylor
Winona Ryder, 1996

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Julia Roberts

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Halle Berry

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Charlize Theron

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Natalie Portman

Jennifer aniston, 2009

At the ceremony “Oscar-2009” the head of the actress was decorated with a small Roman braid, braided directly over the forehead, the remaining hair flowed freely over her shoulders.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Jennifer Aniston

Rooney Mara, 2012

Rooney Mara arrived at the awards in 2012, in a white dress with a train in Givenchy Haute Couture — according to her, she chose him only in the morning, a few hours before the Oscars. But the beauty of the way the actress was thought of for a long time. The actress has cut the ultrashort thick bangs, like Elizabeth Taylor in the film Cleopatra, and her lips painted a bright red matte lipstick.

Olivia Wilde, 2014

At the ceremony “Oscar” laconic black Valentino dress with a high neck selected wild was recognized as one of the most spectacular and elegant. By the way, stylists and appreciated beauty-bow: perfect eyeliner and slightly tousled low bun.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен

Lupita nyongo, 2014

A sign that your beauty bow found: when your rim on the head, there is a private Twitter account. That is what happened in the moment when Lupita stepped on the red carpet of “Oscar-2014”. Image complements of coral lipstick and silver eyeshadow.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Lupita Nyongo
Emma stone, 2015

The “Oscar” in 2015, the stone looked great: pistachio, floor-length dress with a thigh-high slit from Elie Saab was recognized as the best outfit of the evening. For the hair also was responsible stylist L’oreal Paris Mara Roszak:
The color of her red hair reminded me of a beautiful watercolor painting is very popular in the 30’s, so I wanted the hair was in this style. I created waves with the Curve Styler Classic. Then misted the lacquer Elnett Extra Hold, L’oréal Paris.For makeup answered Rachel Goodwin.
Make get soft, spring. First, we applied moisturizer Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, then toned face Perfection Lumire, Chanel. Added pink blush and lipstick peach coral lipstick Precision in the shade Rouge Candy, Chanel. For eye makeup used Chanel palette Limited Edition Lumires Facettes Quadra Eye Shadow, black mascara and brown pencil that said green eyes stone,

tell about how to create a beauty image of a star.

Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Emma Stone

Margot Robbie, 2015

If the Oscars 2014 Margot appeared in the image of a brunette, then a year later decided to return to his trademark blond. On the makeup of Tyrone of Muchausen inspired by “old Hollywood glamour”:
I put emphasis on the lips with a matte orange-red lipstick, Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick and contour pencil in the shade Raven.Самые запоминающиеся бьюти-образы на "Оскаре" всех времен
Margot Robbie
Emily blunt, 2018

Famous hair stylist Laini Reeves created an elegant image of Emily blunt for the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” in the past year with funds from the KMS and VARIS. Source of inspiration was the dress of the actress from Schiaparelli Couture.

First, I gathered the hair loosely into a low tail at the nape. Released a couple of strands near the face. Then he braided three little braids inside of braids and one big braid, secured all the wax, at the same time it added texture. To add Shine, misted laying varnish, the expert said.

To create makeup makeup artists used a peachy-pink lipstick, pink blush and silver eye shadow.

Salma Hayek, 2018

In the past year from Salma Hayek on the red carpet “Oscar” it was impossible to take eyes. Bright Gucci dress in traditional Mexican style, embroidered with sequins and decorated with crystal, left no one indifferent. But apparently, the actress decided that crystals and glitter for a wow effect is not enough.

The makeup turned out too bold and extravagant. Matthew van Leeuwen struck on the lips Salma dark plum lipstick and drew a black arrow. Hair stylist of the stars gathered in the low beam with braided braid.

Looking forward to the start of the award this year. Sure, celebrity makeup artists and hair stylists have prepared for us a lot of gorgeous beauty looks!

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