The most high-profile birth-2016: the secrets of Ksenia Sobchak and live ISA Anokhina

Самые громкие роды-2016: тайны Ксении Собчак и прямой эфир Айзы Анохиной Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods of life for many women. “StarHit” decided to recall what stars are in an interesting position has attracted increased public attention. With the advent of a second baby ISA Anokhina was watched by all country, and about the perinatal center where I gave birth Ksenia Sobchak was waiting journalists.

      Самые громкие роды-2016: тайны Ксении Собчак и прямой эфир Айзы Анохиной

      In 2016, many celebrities became mothers. For some, the birth of a child was the long-awaited event that they have planned. Some stars tried to hide their pregnancy, while others did not hesitate to participate in photo shoots and in the later stages. Future moms, and prettier bloom, and the fans are not tired to ask them numerous questions about the baby. Each of them decided to give birth in a prestigious hospital, where service is very expensive.

      Ksenia Sobchak

      Самые громкие роды-2016: тайны Ксении Собчак и прямой эфир Айзы Анохиной

      For a long time, the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak didn’t want to have children and say negative things about kids. However, in the summer of 2016 the Network talking about her pregnancy. Internet users and fans of the stars could not believe what the presenter decided to procreate. The path to motherhood: how Ksenia Sobchak is preparing for the lead role

      The whole pregnancy Xenia persecuted journalists, and its birth was announced a few times. Tired of rumors, the stars husband Maxim Vitorgan became the joke that they already had a little boy and telling the press what it was called. Therefore, when, in fact, occurred a happy event, universal joy knew no bounds. The baby was born in the perinatal center in Lapino. The happy parents announced the addition to the family just a few hours after birth. Ksenia Sobchak gave her husband a son

      For the entire nine months she has led activities, participated in social life and in sports. At the end of pregnancy Sobchak repeated the experience of foreign celebrities and has posed naked for the cover of a glossy magazine. According to her fans, an interesting situation only graced the presenter.

      Svetlana Anokhina

      Самые громкие роды-2016: тайны Ксении Собчак и прямой эфир Айзы Анохиной

      For nine months the blogger and designer Svetlana Anokhina kept up to date with their subscribers about how she feels and how much weight she had gained. The first trimester of pregnancy, the mother spent abroad, to Bali, where they lived with the family. However, to give birth ISA gathered in Russia. In addition, the woman did not hesitate to agree with one of the editions to his correspondents filmed the whole period of her stay in the perinatal center. Birth Anokhina, you can watch the video online. Son, who appeared under a sight of cameras, called Elvis.

      After the birth of her second child ISA immediately introduced him to the son from the marriage with the Body, Sam. “Most of all waiting for the emergence of a brother this man. More reverent attitude I have not seen both to himself and to Elvis. The elder brother showed himself yesterday! Nervous, not sleeping and not eating at all yesterday, waiting for my call and was very worried! I am a happy woman! I have the whole world! And all this in the eyes of these two men,” said the star of microblogging.

      Daria Pynzar

      Самые громкие роды-2016: тайны Ксении Собчак и прямой эфир Айзы Анохиной

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Daria Pynzar became a mother for the second time this spring. Throughout pregnancy, a woman talked in the blog about their feelings, choosing a hospital and other things that interest all women who are preparing for the birth of the child.

      Pynzar personally told his fans about the new addition to the family. On discharge from hospital she met many friends and acquaintances of their family. Social media users condemned Pynzar for the fact that she came out of the perinatal center in short shorts off his feet. She and her husband almost immediately came up, what name will give to the second child. “We decided to call son for Christmas, he told Dasha “StarHit”. On may 15, this is Yegor, Boris, Gleb, Michael, David. Most of all I like the last name. Yes, it is not Russian, and Hebrew, but I believe, if you like, no need to pay attention to it. Besides, David is a very unusual name, this is also its plus.”


      Самые громкие роды-2016: тайны Ксении Собчак и прямой эфир Айзы Анохиной

      Singer Alsu tries to keep secret the details of his personal life, so her fans found out that she was pregnant only a month three or four before his birth. To occur in the best obstetricians, the star decided to give birth abroad. The artist made a choice in favor of the clinic in Israel. After the birth of a boy called Raphael, the health of mothers followed closely by specialists. The child immediately made all the necessary vaccinations, and the mother was prescribed a special order.

      “The Board five times. It is included in the price of stay. For each of the moms a special diet, which includes everything you need: meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables. We want the kid from the first days after birth mother’s milk received the whole set of vitamins and minerals,” – said the employee of the clinic “StarHit”.

      In November, Raphael turned three months old. Alsou has already decided to return to work and is actively preparing a new music program. About two months about the star was unheard of, which caused excitement among her fans. “I didn’t go anywhere and was just being a mom one hundred percent, which, incidentally, warned,” then the true star. Alsu prepared for the end of the maternity leave

      Konstantin Khabensky Wife Olga Litvinova

      Самые громкие роды-2016: тайны Ксении Собчак и прямой эфир Айзы Анохиной

      The daughter of the Deputy Director of “Mosfilm” Olga Litvinova married to the actor for three years. Just this summer a woman gave birth to the movie star a long-awaited daughter. The whole pregnancy Litvinov tried not to appear in public so as not to attract undue media attention. The couple named heiress Alexandra. Spouses hiding the child from the public.

      According to the forecasts of psychic Mohsen Norouzi Khabensky has all chances to become a father for the third time. “I see Olga restrained and rational, but the first six months of motherhood given to her is very difficult – it will be emotional my mom will be upset for the child. I suggest her to hire an assistant who will always be there, nanny. Khabensky in the fate, I see two sons and a daughter – a girl will become an actress and continue his father’s work,” predicts clairvoyant psychic in an interview with “StarHit”.


      The secret pregnancy-can rightly be called an interesting position of the singer Pelageya. The actress tries not to appear in public after she married hockey player Ivan Telegin. Pelagia took the beloved of the family

      According to family friends, the singer was preparing for the birth of a child, and read special literature. “Do little Paul plans without the help of nannies, – said a friend of Pelageya. – Next to her mother Light. My husband is Ivan, by the way, I have experience in the education of children: he raised 6-month-old son Mark, has not yet left the family”.

      About one and a half months from Pelageya no news: 30-year-old actress does not participate in projects, and fully prepares himself for the role of mother. Also a woman was seen at a hockey game, where she supported her husband. Probably very soon pelage can be congratulated for the birth of the first child.