Самые экстремальные звездные декольте: наряды Шейк, Джанабаевой и Волочковой Chic dresses with cutouts are still popular at social events and the filming of the holiday show. “StarHit” chosen few recent spectacular images of celebrities, in which they caught the admiring glances of the crowd.
Самые экстремальные звездные декольте: наряды Шейк, Джанабаевой и Волочковой

Tina Kandelaki

TV presenter and producer regularly engaged in the gym and adhere to proper nutrition. To motivate fans, the star shares the secrets of their workouts on social networks, as well as publishes photographs which show the results of her hard work. So, at the end of December, First reported on the campaign at a gala reception in the Kremlin. The celebrity chose a black jumpsuit with a bold neckline and side cutouts accentuate all the dignity of her figure. Tina complements its fateful way jacket in a contrasting color and scarlet lipstick.

Irina Shayk

Last spring, the model first became a mother — she gave birth to the elect Bradley Cooper charming the girl. Irina quickly took off after the replenishment in the family. Fans are delighted from the appearance Shake and regularly write to her compliments in social networks. Unlike many stars, Irina often refuses jewelry, focusing public attention on his luxurious bust and dresses from Haute couture. A few weeks ago, a young woman attended the British Fashion Awards. She shone on the red carpet in an evening dress embroidered with crystals.

Vera Brezhneva

One of the sexiest singers not afraid to draw attention to her figure. Every Vera Brezhneva in light becomes heated discussions on the Network. Fans of the artist do not skimp on compliments in her address, calling the star goddess and Queen. In the final show of the “Success” of Brezhnev appeared before the public in a black velvet dress with a plunging neckline and full sleeves. Daring plunge of Faith has led some viewers to forget about the worries on your favorite contestants.

Albina Dzhanabaeva

The singer admitted that she spent a lot of time to find your own style. But now Albina dzhanabaeva is among the most elegant performers. Recently, the star does not favor the mini, preferring to Trouser suits, jumpsuits and dresses to the floor. Filming the Christmas show Gregory Leps celebrity made a splash in a brilliant translucent dress with a striking neckline. Husband of Albina Valery Meladze chose the classic style of clothing, is coming out in a blue suit with a tie.

Ani Lorak

The artist are equally provocative mini-dresses and long evening gowns, which she prefers to Supplement massive earrings. Favorite shades Ani Lorak — black, red and gold. On one of the music awards, held at the end of last year, the singer came out in a dark lace dress with a striking neckline. Fans Lorak found that in this way it is possible to go to conquer Hollywood.

Самые экстремальные звездные декольте: наряды Шейк, Джанабаевой и Волочковой

Nastya Kamensky

The ex-soloist of the duet “Potap and Nastya” is actively developing a solo career. In the new year fans of Nastya Kamenskih enjoyed her Christmas show Xmas with NK. In this project, the artist sang holiday songs in four languages in an atmospheric acoustic version. For each number Nastya has prepared a stylish way. Only one remained unchanged — a daring neckline.

Anna Sedokova

The singer and mother of many children does not cease to please fans of their motivating posts on Instagram. After Anna gave birth to the charming Hector, she is actively engaged in activities to lose weight gained during pregnancy. “The most difficult part to pick up the ass and come. This is fine. Worked out with weights, stretched, ran. Want a cool trainer, but was very generous with me, and was violent towards me”, — admitted as-that Sedokova. However, the effort was worth it — the presentation of the new album, held in November 2017, Anna made a splash in a slinky dress with open neckline, bare back and a slit on the thigh.


Ballerina rarely appears on the red carpet events, so each of its output — something to talk about on the sidelines. In mid-December last year, Anastasia was the guest of the musical award in the Kremlin. Celebrity impressed the public not only the long dress, embroidered with gold patterns and a daring neckline and cutout back allows you to see her tattoo. A wave of criticism from detractors not long in coming. In response Volochkova urged the haters to pay attention to the images of foreign celebrities — Madonna, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Alena Vodonaeva

The presenter is a fan of the black color accentuates its sophisticated appearance. “I will not wear it only when someone invent a darker color” — quoted Alena favorite character Martisha Adams of “the Addams Family”. To keep myself in good shape, the star spends time training in the gym and yoga, as well as watching their diet. In 2016 Vodonaeva decided on surgery — reduced Breasts by two sizes. Fans believe that surgical intervention did Alain less attractive and texting her compliments in social networks. Recently a young woman has starred as a sexy stickman in a spectacular black dress with sweetheart neckline emphasized her curvy shape.

Самые экстремальные звездные декольте: наряды Шейк, Джанабаевой и Волочковой

Yana Koshkina

Leading claims that he never got plastic surgery, and luxury breast was given to her by nature. Almost any appearance of Dress in public is causing excitement among men. Sometimes there is a feeling that the girl seems to be specially stopped on the outfits in the smaller size to her impressive bust certainly not left unattended. When choosing dresses for the release of Yana pays attention to the color — the star of the TV show “Kings of plywood” like garments in bright colors or decorated with sequins. And to Supplement their images Koshkina prefer the long dangling earrings to match.