The most beautiful Russian cheerleader crying after dirty rumors

Самая красивая российская болельщица рыдала после грязных слухов Natalia Nemchinov denies starring in films for adults. According to the girl, her erotic photos “leaked” to the Network’s former lover. For most groupies have fallen on her popularity came as a complete surprise.
Самая красивая российская болельщица рыдала после грязных слухов

Just a couple of weeks Natalia Nemchinov from an unknown former model turned into a real star. She appeared in several matches in the national headdress, and was eventually recognized as the most beautiful cheerleader.

However, it soon emerged the contradictory facts of her biography. Some sources claimed that she starred in adult films. The Network was even found her erotic photos. In the end, Nemchinovo had to get in touch with fans to explain the situation. According to the cheerleaders, she never participated in the filming porn.

“Actually the story with my photos a long. Five years ago I was a young man. We broke up. He began to take revenge. Took off one video on the Internet and since then off it went like a snowball. Then he put all my pictures. I’ve never worked as a porn actress, not sell yourself. At one time acted as a model. But it was my hobby. Not a permanent job,” – said Natalia.
Самая красивая российская болельщица рыдала после грязных слухов

According to the girl, she has a good reputation and decent environment. Nemchinov does not lead the social network, therefore rising sensation told her friends. Friends even tried to prevent the further spread of scandalous photos, but thank Natalia was already too big.

The girl admits that this situation its very frustrating. However, she tries to treat everything that happens positively.

“To say that I was shocked by everything going on, nothing to say. Even cried at first. I am lucky that I am surrounded by people who support me and know who I am and what I represent,” shared Nemchinov.

She noted that working in the fitness club, receives a salary and does not seek popularity. However, the entire situation made her think about creating a page in Instagram. So Natalya tries to protect people from the effects of fakes.

Despite scandalous reputation, Nemchinov tries not to faint. She noted that it will continue to go to football matches and a positive charge. “Superbalita I became after the European championship in Poland in 2012. It was my first trip where I went to cheer for our team. Then was involved, I experienced a real drive. I’m sincerely rooting for our team. He visited Poland, the world Cup in Brazil, the European championship in France,” shared a former model.

Dealing with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the girl said that he wanted to quickly dispel unpleasant rumors about yourself. According to Natalia, she is surrounded by smart and decent people who are trying to protect her from nasty gossip. However, Nemchinov hoped that in the near future scandalous popularity will come to naught.