The most beautiful graduate “Factories of stars” became the father of

Самый красивый выпускник «Фабрики звезд» стал отцом
Wife of Alexander Kireev gave birth to a daughter.

Aleksandr and Arina Kireeva

Photo: Instagram

One of the most prominent graduates of “factory of stars” Alexander
Kireev became a father for the second time. His wife Arina gave birth in elite clinic “Lapino”
a healthy and strong girl, weighing 3020 grams and growth of 50 centimeters. About
this was told to the artist by posting online a photo from the hospital where he
posing with her newborn daughter and beloved wife.

In the family Kireevich already growing six year old son Lucian,
which was eagerly waiting for the little light. Alexander Kireev was known after in 2003
participated in the popular project of the First channel. In “star Factory,” he took
second place, then he created the group “KGB” together with Dmitry Golubev and
Ruslan Barsukov. Unfortunately, the team soon fell apart. Last
time Kireev worked as a composer, writing songs for Natalia
Podil’s’kyi, Volodymyr Kazachenko and many other famous artists.

By the way, this fall also became the parents of Julia Kovalchuk and
Alexey Chumakov, Glafira Tarkhanov, Ivan Zhidkov, Svetlana Svetikova and Rita