The most beautiful figure in the world were the Russians

Самая красивая фигура в мире оказалась у россиянки

Anastasia Gavrilova struck jury yield in a bikini.

19-year-old student of Krasnoyarsk, model Academy international beauty contest Anastasia Gavrilova became the winner of competition “the World beauty Queen in 2016.” Nastya made it to the 12 finalists and was trying to charm a jury in the final tests, which took place on November 26 in South Korea in Seoul. The competition was attended by girls from China, Brazil, USA, Philippines, Nigeria, India, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

That is a stunning figure of a Siberian was recognized as the best in getting in a bikini. Nastia got the title Best in swimsuit. And won the competition the beauty of Bulgaria.

Anastasia Gavrilova was born on the 10th of November in Krasnoyarsk, studies in Siberian Federal University. The girl is an experienced model and have already participated in international beauty contests. In 2011 Anastasia was in the TOP 5 “Face of Beauty International”, which was held in Bangkok.

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