“The most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks was not allowed in Britain

«Самого красивого преступника» Джереми Микса не пустили в Британию

The past will long haunt “the most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks. Former prison inmate, and now the model was not able to visit Britain. 32-year-old American, who spent two years in prison for possession of a firearm, could not enjoy the sights and attractions in the UK – would not let him on Heathrow airport.

Agent Jeremy Jim Jordan called the behavior of the British authorities outrageous told about what happened.
“He was not arrested, simply refused to let into the country. Four hours we sat the airport restaurant and were forced to return home.
We and Jeremy had all the necessary documents, but it is still expelled from the country without explaining the reasons,” said Jordan. Mix wife Melissa was in the airport. The woman had no idea where my husband was and is very worried. A few hours later, she and the agent of her husband searched in vain for her husband in a huge airport, until I finally found out what was going on.