The monument Tatiana Samoilova collected thousands instead of millions

На памятник Татьяне Самойловой собрали тысячи вместо миллионов 12 Oct 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the premiere of the legendary film “the cranes are Flying”, which famous actress played the main role. On the same day, began raising funds to install the monument on the grave of Tatiana Samoilova. Brother star made it clear to the journalists the future of the project.
На памятник Татьяне Самойловой собрали тысячи вместо миллионов

4 may – day of memory of people’s artist of Russia Tatiana Samoilova. At the time the star was awarded a jury prize at the Cannes festival for participation in the film “the cranes are Flying”. Millions of viewers remember the role of Tatiana E. in the movie “Anna Karenina” and “the unsent letter”. Since the death of a celebrity it took four years. Still on the grave Samoilova not a monument, but the conversations about it came repeatedly. Relatives of Tatiana E. not enough money to perpetuate the memory of it.

Last year on the website Planeta launched the fundraising for the installation of a monument to Tatyana Evgenievna. It was assumed that the faded photograph of the burial place of the actress will finally replace the crystal bust with granite pedestal, which is decorated with figures of flying cranes. After long discussions with family Studio project “Monarch” was approved. The negotiations were complicated by the fact that the son of Tatiana E. lives in the United States and is extremely rare in Russia.

На памятник Татьяне Самойловой собрали тысячи вместо миллионов

Donators were promised tickets to the leading Metropolitan theatres, celebrity autographs and other nice gifts. A few months later, the campaign has been completed. Just managed to collect 117 thousand rubles, although initially the project was estimated at 3.8 million. At the time, the brother of a celebrity Alexei Samoilov promised to use all possible means, including to try to attract investors. It is unknown whether he managed to reach out to wealthy donors. Samoilov helped many famous actors, including Michael politseymako, Gosha Kutsenko and even the flamboyant star of TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski. By the way, partner Samoilova in the film “unsent letter” Vasily Livanov also dealt with this issue. When the artist saw the abandoned grave of colleagues from the faded picture, he was horrified. According to Livanov, the relatives of Tatiana E. almost never there at the Novodevichy cemetery.

На памятник Татьяне Самойловой собрали тысячи вместо миллионов

Journalists contacted a relative of the stars to learn about the further fate of the monument. Brother of the actress promised that the project will be implemented, and even outlined specific deadlines. According to him, the work will be completed by the end of the summer. However, which means Alexey is going to establish a monument of the unknown.

“Now I don’t do that. And me on this issue don’t bother. I individually do everything. Personally engaged in the monument, I don’t need no help, no concern. By September-August will be a monument. Something like that…” – said the brother of Tatiana Samoilova correspondents of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.