The money for the “shaggy schmuck” Decl will spend on charity

Деньги за «лохматое чмо» Децл потратит на благотворительность

Battle between Declan and Bastia ended with the victory of the first. The October district court of Rostov-on-don ordered the rapper Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), to pay 50 thousand rubles, the rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl), according to the suit about insult of honor and dignity.

Note that in the lawsuit the plaintiff demanded 1 million rubles.

According to the decl, so he wasn’t trying to get rich, but only wanted to defend his name.

Winning in court means Tolmatskogo intends to transfer to charitable organizations: “I have not yet planned anything. I’m sure we will spend it usefully. I have a few charitable organizations with whom I work”.

Kirill says that his only goal was to prove that Basta insulted him, calling “hairy dick”. In the end, the rapper managed to do it.

“The fact that the words Basta was recognized as a insult… He acknowledged the fact that “schmuck” is an insult. He said, in a different voice intonations, and in referring to anything or anyone, the word “schmuck” in any case, in particular, in a simple, youth speech, is an insult. The examination was not in fact appeal to anyone, and the set of words, but the judge correctly interpreted and defined the word “douche” as an insult. They presented that, I am very happy, and the judge reached the correct conclusion. We set a precedent, from a legal point of view, this is a great victory. We are the first in the Russian judicial system was able to confirm and assure the fact that “schmuck” is an insult,” — said the lawyer decl novel Lalayan.