Модель раскрыла подробности проведенной ночи с Аршавиным
The wife of football player accused of bringing to a nervous breakdown.

Модель раскрыла подробности проведенной ночи с Аршавиным

Andrey Arshavin


Olga Semenova

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Olga Semenova, who was at the center of a scandal because the evening with Andrey Arshavin, was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The model complained to reporters that after she had a conflict with the wife of a player she is in constant stress. She seriously fears for the safety of his life and intends to appeal to the Prosecutor General.

Semenov said that in October last year, really spent the night with Andrew, but their acquaintance was limited to arms. Closer relations with Arshavin she had talked about it during the New year’s eve to his wife. However, she never believed a model and allegedly began to threaten her with physical violence.

“First, there was a normal nice conversation. The first question was something like, “What were you doing with my husband in the establishment of the “East”?” I was surprised – as she realized that it was in that restaurant? The video is very dark, it is not clear where we sat. I wrote: “Me and your husband have nothing in common and never did. Don’t worry”. Apparently, it didn’t satisfy my answer, and then my address she received many threats.

My companion was an FSB major and direct text pointed out to me that will throw drugs and I’ll sit in jail for it. I gave her back: “then you can jail half of the girls of Kazakhstan. Where you have so many drugs?”. She wrote on a video ever been you, so put you. I did not continue the conversation. But my counterpart did not calm down. She threatened to cut off my fingers, so I hung out and had a good grope of her husband. Although Arshavin I did not touch. Even the video shows that he touched me, not I him. Then rained insults in my address, there was a lot of Mat, “stupid fool” is one of the most innocent…” — quoted by Semenov mk.ru. Olga, by the way, said that the athlete that evening was in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

Alice assures that the model wants to bask in the glory of Arshavin, so I brought up this topic for discussion in the media. Semenov allegedly tried to blackmail Alice filmed in the institution live with her husband. One of them in the unfolding scandal is telling the truth, most likely, will establish the law enforcement agencies. By the way, Arshavin, unlike his wife, does not comment the situation, and the fact of acquaintance with Semenova denies.