The mistress of the owner of dental clinics trying to sue his son

Любовница владельца стоматологических клиник пытается отсудить у него сына Christina oleinichenko lost child. The father kidnapped the boy, and the woman tried to put behind bars. “I need her dead, in a mental hospital or in prison” – so the founder of the medical center Evgeny Ermakov says about his former girlfriend who bore him a son Eugene in 2013.

    Любовница владельца стоматологических клиник пытается отсудить у него сына

    This story would be like a Cinderella story, if not one but – married Prince. Going to Moscow from the Crimea in 2008, 25-year-old Christina oleynichenko was hoping to build in the capital a career, raising a family. Everything was great: a girl with two medical entities took in a prestigious dental clinic, was soon promoted to senior nurse. In 2010, on the recommendation invited in MCDI “Simpladent” offering a higher salary. Then she met the founder of the 46 – year-old Yevgeny Yermakov. If Christine had imagined at least part of the nightmare, which will result in this meeting, would run to the edge of the world. The theft of a child, criminal harassment, house arrest… in desperation, the sister and the girlfriend of the girl has addressed in edition “StarHit”. The second part remained silent. “Neither I nor my beneficiary do not comment on the situation with Christina,” replied “StarHit” the lawyer Ermakova Irina Kuznetsova.

    Hello, beautiful life

    It all started with the courtship and gifts. “Evgeny Igorevich, despite the status of married men who have always been loving – says the “StarHit” his colleague Natalia. We soon began to notice that Chris began to appear, expensive things, then the iPhone, then bag Armani…” At the same time from a serious relationship with Yermakov girl for a long time refused, accepting only the gifts and compliments. But a year later the man was able to conquer her heart, or generosity, or attention.

    “I was told that I have to finish with this: why would a young girl married? – says “StarHit” sister Cristina Svetlana oleynichenko. But she said: “I fell in love!” A few months later, in 2011, Eugene took Christina’s apartment near the clinic, began to ask to have a baby. He never nursed toddlers, children with the wife he does not – only adults from their first marriages.”
    Любовница владельца стоматологических клиник пытается отсудить у него сына

    To Christina at that time was 29. After thinking, she agreed. But having a baby did not work. “Your sister had a pituitary adenoma – continues to Svetlana. – In this disease the high amounts of the hormone prolactin, leading to infertility. To get pregnant, she stood on the account in the “SM-clinic”, where he prescribed a course of drugs. In October 2012, having learned that waiting for a baby, Christina was in seventh heaven. Said Eugene – he wept much”.

    To celebrate, bought and issued to the girl odnushku in the Dmitrov travel, visited every day. 27 June 2013 was born the son Ermakova and oleinichenko – Jack. In the birth certificate of the boy in the column “father” at the insistence of Eugene you have indicated. The man met the young mother from the hospital with a bouquet, brought to the apartment, it was a lot of time to spend with the baby… to help with a newborn, there entered and sister Christine.

    Child of discord

    “In a year fairy tale came to an end – Ermakov had been drinking and spoke with his wife, – says Svetlana. – She was furious! Came to the door, screamed, and threatened: “Want to see who you gave birth to us! Yes, I will destroy you!” The sister of the head of the frightened, asked Eugene to protect her from attacks. He offered “to confuse the trail” – to move to another apartment and change the name, having concluded fictitious marriage with his son from his first marriage with Anton. Legal wife knew Christina oleinichenko, and now it has become Ermakova. Eugene has acquired a split-level living space for 25 million rubles, a little later, saying that divorce with his wife, a huge mansion in the village of Eremino”.

    Cristina and son moved into a new apartment and took his sister with him. For a short time in their life was quiet. Eugene visited every day, but continued to live with his wife. In February 2015 Ermakov invited the sisters to break from round – the-clock child care to spend a couple weeks in Thailand. Bought vouchers.

    “Shortly before he and Chris had planned a second child, – says Svetlana. – My sister even did another MRI of the brain – the tests were excellent”.

    Calling to the rescue the mother from the Crimea, they flew away to the ocean. But the sun did not. “After five days in the tube there was a scream moms – continues Light. “He took Eugene! Stolen!” tears literally choked her. It turns out, the nanny who took her in school development, in the street met two jeeps: one threw the child and then drove away, in the other a frightened woman was held for two hours. On the same day was himself. – along with four burly men, grabbed a bunch of all the gifts that made Kristina, jewels, took her documents, blocked credit cards”.

    Girls are not confused – on available cash bought the tickets and the evening of the same day flew to Moscow. March 19, restoring a passport, Cristina asked in Khamovnichesky court, but the meeting was postponed for a month, then two. All this time the girl tried in vain to see the child – pestered country house Ermakova, he turned off the cell phone. But calls are always answered by the wife of Eugene I. – Olga Selezneva. Only once picked up the phone he called in to see her at the clinic. “In the office sister met a lot of protection, the lawyer, the “thief” and his wife, – says Svetlana oleynichenko. – Call failed. But three days later, Christine came to the agenda – 116 article like, she threw on a legal spouse Ermakova with scissors.”

    Herself Olga, which to this day brings up a child, believes that Christine was mistreated with son.

    “She needed only one thing – to engage the child, – said Seleznev in social networks. – She was not happy. The father long endured unacceptable attitude, tried to pull some maternal feelings. All in vain. In the end she threw the son. Why not take the kid with you? Why immediately after his arrival she came after him to the father. Her demeanor shows only one child is interesting when he gives the income.”

    At the same time the son of Eugene, Anton, has applied for division of jointly acquired in marriage with Christina of property – to sue, he managed only a quarter of the same duplex apartments. Half oleinichenko long ago issued a young son, so to claim man could only rest part.

    “Ermakov is a terrible man, he was trying to do everything to the court not to leave the sister of chances, – says Svetlana. – Put a refugee without their own housing, and even violent. In November last year the judge, despite all the help provided by Chris, from work, from the psycho-neurological dispensary, as well as the presence of a share in a large apartment – has ruled in favor of the boy’s father. They say that the Pope he will be better, and the girl is easier to have more”.

    Christine did not give up, filed all possible appeals and cassation complaints. But Ermakov did not stop there.

    “At the requests of friends to give his mother to see his son replied only: “I want her dead or in the nuthouse or in prison”, – says Svetlana. And, apparently, decided to implement the third option. In April 2016 was a criminal case about swindle in especially large sizes – supposedly the sister took him 7.5 million rubles for the purchase of that first Studio apartment.

    “After he twice refused a Prosecutor’s office, even a receipt with the signature found – of course fake. We are currently waiting for the examination results. At first, sister, unsuspecting, was summoned for questioning as a witness, and while she was in the hospital with acute pneumonia, was transferred to the defendants”.

    To improve health, the girl went to Anapa. But when she returned, got straight to jail. It turns out that Kristina was declared internationally wanted, deciding that she “fled” from the investigation abroad. Svetlana on the same day addressed the public organization “parents ‘ Rights”. And lawyer Maximilian Boers, who helps many mothers in a similar situation, took up their case. Picket was organized. The measure of restraint was changed to house arrest. “We are fighting! And don’t give up, says Svetlana oleynichenko. – Ready to lie detector… to this day, Christine was never able to see his son”.