The mistress of the deceased Boris Nemtsov does not communicate

Любовница погибшего Бориса Немцова не выходит на связь Anna Duritskaya can’t call in for questioning. The girl who attended with a politician in the time of his murder, does not communicate. In the present model, presumably, is in his native Kiev.

      Любовница погибшего Бориса Немцова не выходит на связь

      The investigation into the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov continues. Model Anna Duritskaya, who was with a man at the time of his death, did not appear in the courtroom of the Moscow district military court. According to some information, the girl left the country to his home in Kiev.

      “Duricka did not appear in court for questioning, she was sent a summons by letter, at the moment there is no evidence whether she got the agenda”, – told the Agency.
      Любовница погибшего Бориса Немцова не выходит на связь

      The girl told law enforcement about how was the last day, when Nemtsov was seen alive. Questioning all the people who talked with a politician before his death, took place this week.

      Personal driver Nemtsov Dmitry Petukhov said that the day of the murder Nemtsov was in a good mood. In the morning they took Duricko, who arrived from Kyiv, from the airport. “I brought them to Malaya Ordynka, 3. There they stayed until the evening. Then Boris walked in the office of the radio station Echo of Moscow, and Duricko asked to take on Pyatnitskaya street,” said the man, noting that he then threw the head to the Gum where he had a meeting with the beloved.

      According Petukhov, close to midnight, he called the girl Nemtsov, who hysterically screamed into the phone “Bob was killed on the bridge.” Later in an interview, Anna told in detail about the incident.

      “Going half of the bridge, I heard a pop. Thought underfoot to explode firecrackers. Then just saw that Boris drops and after 5-6 shots I realized what happened. From this place, quickly left the car light silver color,” said friend policy.

      Previously, law enforcement agencies reported that the interrogation Duritskaya was so right, because she can remember the killer or people who have been around for the policy within three years. Boris Nemtsov began to meet Duriscoe in 2013, leaving his civil wife Irina.

      Children of Boris Nemtsov learn to live without a father

      As suspects in the crime were arrested five people – Zaur Dadayev, Anzor Gubashev, his brother Shadid Gubarev, Khamzat and Timur Eskerkhanov. Besides, Dadaev has given grateful evidences.