The mistress of Ben Affleck decided to have his baby

Любовница Бена Аффлека решила родить от него ребенка
Lindsay Suckas wants to keep the boyfriend at any cost.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Sukus

As told to the reporter
edition In Touch girlfriend Lindsay Shukas, which is already more than a year of Dating Ben
Affleck, that is planning in the foreseeable future to bestow Ben Affleck “child.” After all
Lindsey during this time made sure that no matter what, Ben is a great dad.

Ben always finds time for
their children from Jennifer garner, which will soon finish the divorce process. This is both good.
scares Lindsey. On the one hand, he proved that in no circumstances
abandon her children. And with another — it is not too happy with how often Ben
excommunicated, to be with 12-year-old violet and 9-year-old Serafini and 6-year-old Sam.
Therefore, Suckas wants to create a kind of “counterweight”: after all, when she’s born
child, it isn’t Affleck an
spend more time with her — for the sake of the baby (or babies). Besides, Lindsay is
37 years old, and continue to postpone the birth of a child hardly makes sense.

We recall that Affleck
started Dating Chucas, it became known last summer. However, according to
gossip, he started chatting with her mystery novel much earlier — in 2013, long before Jennifer
Garner filed for divorce. As for Suckas, it just at that time completed
your marriage: Lindsay announced that he had completed his marriage with TV producer
Kevin Miller, while the father of her only child, legitimate wife of which she was listed as four years. Daughter
Madeline, whom she bore from her former spouse has grown up — she just turned
5 years. So now it’s time to think about how to give her a brother or