По любовнице в каждой стране: Стали известны шокирующие подробности измен Оззи Осборна

Sharon Osbourne decided not to gloss over the problems of husband-sex-addict and prove to the world that send Ozzy to the treatment of sexual obsessions is not her stupid idea and a whim, but a very reasonable idea. 63-year-old wife of rocker admitted that more recently in five different countries her 67-year-old husband had a mistress.

“This shit became known to me recently – well, recently as five years ago – but people talking about it now. We persevered with it – alcoholism, drug addiction, and now women. Who knows, maybe now he wants a sex change?” — joked Sharon, but it became apparent that she was not amused.
“When you have lovers flocks, one of them certainly wish for more and your affair will become known around the world. For me, my children and grandchildren it was a difficult situation. When I think about my family life, I ask the heavens: “When it has already become normal? When will it all end?”. I very much doubt that will ever happen” — said Sharon, and added that at the moment Ozzy has consented to treatment and promises her to change.

Recall that the most recent loud scandal connected with the name of Ozzy Osbourne, was his adulterous relationship with his wife, stylist Michelle Pugh. Friends Ozzy told me that forbidden novel, almost perecherknuty 35-year-old married artist, was very important to Osborne. Supposedly he found in Michelle a outlet, the woman standing behind him. Sharon found out about the cheating spouse and his sincere love for another woman, filed for divorce. Now cooled down a bit, she decided to fight for personal happiness and send her husband for treatment at specialists.

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