The mentor of “the Voice” Leonid Agutin pushed the girl at the other

Наставник «Голоса» Леонид Агутин отбил девушку у друга The friends of the singer told about his school years. Many years ago, Simon was playing in a rock group which was banned and was in a relationship with Irina, which at first met with his classmate Dmitry Kuzmin.
Наставник «Голоса» Леонид Агутин отбил девушку у друга

The new season of the show “the Voice” started on the “First channel” on Friday, September 1. Win once again struggling with the most talented performers from different parts of the country. And chairs mentors returned gold membership: Pelagia, Alexander Gradsky, Dima Bilan and Leonid Agutin. By the way, in my youth Agutin I had to prove myself. “StarHit” know why high school rock band, the singer was banned and he was summoned to the Director.

Girl with a beautiful voice

Mother of the future star, Ludmila L. Agutin, taught in the primary grades of Moscow school No863. No wonder the little dude did it there. “However, all of the “rules of decorum” were observed – Agutin identified in “B” class, to another teacher, recalls a friend of our hero, bard Dmitry Gavrilov. His mother was the class teacher in A, where I studied. And Agutin came to us only after the end of primary school. As it turned out, the mother of Laziness instructed to form “the mighty handful” – to unite the most gifted and smart kids in one grade. So we walked together to the prom. After graduating high school in 1985, many of us from the first time he entered the Moscow state University and other prestigious universities”.

Наставник «Голоса» Леонид Агутин отбил девушку у друга

Classmates remember Agutin easy and funny guy, who with all found a common language. He studied on four and five. Favorite subject – music. He was in the forefront, when the school organized an Amateur – played the guitar, sang, and in high school amazed friends improvisations on the piano.

“Lenka has even formed a rock band, says another classmate yesterday, poet Dmitry Kuzmin. The guys rehearsed in the auditorium, sometimes played at discos. And then Lena pulled the plug. Why? Not explained. Perhaps the repertoire does not fit the Soviet framework. He was very annoyed. But I figured out how to circumvent the ban. Then in Moscow were preparing for the Festival of youth and students, about this event we Agutin wrote the song: I – text, and it is tune. Thanks friend once again allowed to organize a concert in school.”
Наставник «Голоса» Леонид Агутин отбил девушку у друга

Class yesterday was considered “music” – some had good voices, others are well owned instruments. “Often he was accompanied by someone of the guys, he then still sang a little, continues Kuzmin. – Often acted in tandem with Irina Alekseeva. She stood out amid the other ladies – curly dark hair, big eyes and plump lips. Pretty girl, but with a very changeable character. For Alexeyeva courted by many, but she preferred the creative guys. Lenya was connected with her romance, however, like me at some stage. Remember, Simon was carrying her portfolio, at recess they walked holding hands. Sometimes, the Ira invited him inside, she sang, and Leon beat on the piano keys. But after high school they parted ways, only photos remain… Subsequently, the Ira became a professional artist Opera, now her last name is Litvak, serves in the Moscow children’s theatre of a name of Natalia Sats”.

Наставник «Голоса» Леонид Агутин отбил девушку у друга

Yard caste

Like many of his peers, Simon was fond of sports: he was a great football player and a basketball player, he was often elected captain of the teams. “Leon was a leader, but without arrogance, recalls a classmate of Dmitry Gavrilov. We belonged to different castes yard. I lived on the street Ostrovityanova in the fifth district, and Leonid – in the sixth, on the street Miklukho-Maklay. Between us lay a huge vacant lot, we could not divide. Often it came to fights. But we need to talk, they did not participate, individuals were more expensive. But the school was often in the same team in basketball. I have any growth, and he has an excellent technique. Agutin avoided opponents one by one and led me to the ring, where I easily dropped passed the ball.”

Наставник «Голоса» Леонид Агутин отбил девушку у друга

Once the basketball fans in the hallway, found the spare keys from the gym. “Apparently, the coach accidentally dropped them, remembers another classmate, Alexander Kireev. – So played in every spare moment, when the teacher was not. And then we caught the whole company “swept” to the Director and scolded. The administration stressed at the moment with a key.”

To mark the end of the school faculty asked classmates Agutin and Kuzmina to compose a waltz that will be performed at the prom.

“Unlike the idiotic songs about the festival the song was decent quality, very sincere, – says Dmitry Kuzmin. – After school we lost touch. Only seven years later, he suddenly called me and invited guests. I arrived and Leon was asked to write words for his songs, saying that quality pop music requires professional texts. I was touched, but refused because he worked in a completely different genre.”