Психическое состояние Александра Серова вызывает серьезные опасения The story of children born out of wedlock affected the artist. According to the familiar Serov, he is depressed. The singer remembered in details the breakup with his wife, and also admitted how much money he gave to Elena in the divorce.
Психическое состояние Александра Серова вызывает серьезные опасения

About a month ago Alexander Serov spoke all over the country about problems in the family. According to him, his ex-wife Helen lived in her thoughts and wasn’t paying attention to him. The marriage ended more than seven years ago, but the husband and wife had claims against each other, which they voiced in numerous programs on television. Serov became the hero of the new release “Let speak”.

Elena made an impression on Alexander early ‘ 90s, and he took her to the shooting. Video came out very successful. At the party, which took place in the apartment Serov, he started to give signs of attention to Elena and kissed her for the first time. “I looked at her and said that she’s not going anywhere,” – says the musician.

Gradually, Helen began to irritate the fact that Alexander worked at home. Due to the abundance of fans the choice of the musician is also often experienced. One time a crazy fan knocked over the coat Helena ink. The wife of Serov threw him a scandal.

According to Alexander, the love of Elena gradually extinguished. After parting, he left the woman huge house that he built. “The money went when they began to carve. I gave her 800 thousand dollars at once and a house that cost two million”, – said Serov.

The musician recalled how Lena is not the time came to visit him. His house was the girl he had previously helped with the operation. As a thank you she was ready to make something artist. Serov sharply turned to the wife and swore at his visitor, for which Alexander gave her a slap in the face.

The ex-wife of Alexander Serov: “I divorced him to survive and not go crazy”

“Six blows to the head were not. It is a pure lie. It was made to me to put”, – said the actor Borisov.

On return from trip to Turkey, the wife of Serov refused him intimacy. “Love no,” she said. The musician realized in that moment that all was over between them.

A colleague of the singer, Kai Metov, saddened that Serov has left the life of love. The artist saw how Alexander was separated from his wife. “A man should not raise the woman’s hand, but there are provocative cases,” added the actor.

Towards the end of the air in the Studio became Anastasia Bulgakov, the friend of the musician and psychologist.

“I care about the emotional health of Alexander, because he is an artist. He is now in depression. As the person is strong, he can fall into a big depression. But all of these rumors, disassembly cause him emotional distress. Elena is a very nice person, but she didn’t exactly love his work,” he said in a conversation with Borisov.
Психическое состояние Александра Серова вызывает серьезные опасения

Faith Justowska, the tour organizer Serov recalled what the musician was during a misunderstanding with his wife. She is sure that the artist gave close everything that you earn. “Sasha, I know how talented and spiritual person. All for the family. When did these family problems, I saw that it was affected,” said the woman.