The media were actively discussing divorce Buzova and Tarasova

В СМИ бурно обсуждают развод Бузовой и Тарасова
Happy marriage TV presenter was threatened.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov


In the family of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov has been a major crisis. Fans of the pair are confident that in a short time the couple can announce the divorce. The fact that the couple for some time ceased to share joint photos (although I did it regularly) and do not appear anywhere together. And the other day my husband removed the TV from friends in social networks. Moreover, now his microblogging can see only friends, among whom no Buzova.

Rumors that Olga and Dmitri lost the feeling of, there was a couple of weeks ago. However, after the presenter came to the ceremony of the Insta Awards 2016 alone, fans were worried: what happened with the star couple? Olga left the party almost immediately after he received his statuette. But witnesses claimed that His was a sad and “with tear-stained face.”

Among the possible reasons for the quarrel Olga and Dmitry, there are already a lot of versions: from the quarrels over failed attempts to have a child to rumors that Tarasov’s cheating. In addition, the Network some time ago there was an information that Dmitry allegedly already filed for divorce.

However, Recalling the recent story of the “divorce,” Ksenia Borodina, we can safely assume that Buzova Tarasov and really just enjoy working with PR.