The media reported the death of one-year-old Russian rap artist

СМИ сообщили о смерти годовалого ребенка российского рэп-исполнителя
MIYAGI son fell from the window of the ninth floor.

Azamat Kudzaev

Photo: @miyagi_black Instagram

Today it became known about the tragic death of the son of the popular rap artist — MIYAGI. It is reported that the son of the actor fell from the window of a multistory building. The incident became known thanks to social media, fans are expressing a musician family condolences.

Details of the incident have not been revealed, but according to REN-TV, the death of the little boy’s friends confirmed rapper — the baby died before the ambulance arrived.

26-year-old Rapper MIYAGI (real name Azamat Kudzaev) was born in Vladikavkaz. Shortly after the start of a career of a musician, he became a member of the Duo MIYAGI & the Endgame, which gained great popularity among young people.