The media reported some alarming news about children’s health Beyonce

СМИ сообщили тревожные новости о здоровье детей Бейонсе
Infants not yet discharged from the hospital.


Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

Finally got the first convincing evidence that
Beyonce gave birth to their babies. The singer’s father Matthew Knowles yesterday put in
social network their congratulations: “happy birthday, Gemini! Your Grandfather”. And
mother Beyonce — Tina — put a “like”
under this greeting.

In fact, much still remains unclear. First of all, when
it came to light the children of the singer. The text messages you’d think
this event occurred just before. However, many sources still
last week reported on the recent birth of the singer. And cited evidence
confirming this fact. Last Tuesday, Beyonce showed up at the clinic,
where she was to give birth. Moreover, the singer could hardly arrive there just
on consultation during pregnancy it was observed in a very different
the medical institution. A day later, the bodyguards of the star was taken to hospital two
children’s car seats. On Thursday, the husband of the singer abruptly canceled his presence at
the ceremony, where he was supposed to serve is very important for a reward. And fans
singer interpreted this as evidence that children already born and
Jay-Z refused the ceremony to be with the kids and wife…

Further, still unknown the sex of the babies Beyonce. According to the first
the messages that appeared last week, the singer gave birth to a boy and
girl. And it’s, like, confirmed by the fact that a couple of times to the hospital
delivered sets that consisted of two balloons pink and
blue. And in one case, the paparazzi, allegedly, managed to see on the attached
to them a greeting card the initials of Beyonce and her husband. However, one of the
friends of the couple swears that the singer gave birth to two girls…

And finally, the still unconfirmed information that appeared on
the website well osvedomlennym about
the Affairs of the stars. The informant assumed that children were born beyoncé almost
a week ago, but the doctors refuse to prescribe until their home because of some,
alleged, health problems of twins.