The media once again talking about the fraud before the start of the season “the battle of psychics”

СМИ вновь заговорили о мошенничестве перед стартом сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов» The Network does not cease talking, associated with fraud in the popular mystical show. Video blogger Michael lidin and biologist Alexander Pankin made a challenge for psychics to prove their abilities. According to them, the TV stars and failed to pass the test.
СМИ вновь заговорили о мошенничестве перед стартом сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов»

This Saturday on channel TNT starts the show of the 18th season of “Battle of psychics”, one of the most talked about show on Russian TV. Over the years transfer, she appeared as devoted fans and haters. Recently the Network once again brought up the topic of deception of participants of the teleproject.

Mikhail Porechenkov provoked a scandal with a statement about “the Battle of psychics”

Journalists contacted the founders of the prize Harry Houdini – candidate of biological Sciences, researcher of the Institute of information transmission problems of the RAS Kharkevich behalf of Alexander by Peninim and it works Mikhail Lidin. They are willing to pay a million rubles to a psychic who can prove their abilities “in terms of well-posed experiment.” As it turned out, the participants a mystical show also tried to get the prize, but failed to pass the test. No participant of the TV project Polina Voronova, no Bakhyt Zhumatova, which managed to reach the finals of the TV show, not coped with the task Lidin and Panchina.

Finalist of “the Battle of psychics” Namtar, Antigal spoke about cheating on the project

“We tested 12 people, including in television participated five. For example, the experiment was accepted by the finalist of the 7th season of “Battle of psychics” Bakhit Zhumatova. We asked her to experiment, from 10 boxes to define one, which is the envelope with money. The rest was paper. She failed two attempts. We have come a participant in the 16th season Polina Voronova. She tried to feel the energy of the owner of the object. Passport 12 volunteers we sealed with tape, and Yolanda had to point correctly on at least six owners of the documents. (…) In the end, the psychic was not a single coincidence!” perplexed Mikhail lidin.
СМИ вновь заговорили о мошенничестве перед стартом сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Blogger has repeatedly spoken out about fraud in the “Battle of psychics.” The man shot a few videos in which he shared his opinion about the mystic of the project and its participants. Mikhail lidin sure many of them cheat people, and their supernatural powers – nothing more than a beautifully orchestrated fiction.

Some participants of the TV show agreed to make contact with the blogger and told him about what’s going on behind the scenes. According to participants of the 16th season of the Rosses Raven, sensational visions of clairvoyants are the result of hard work of the project staff. The woman said that the editors of the supposedly “merge” the information about the heroes and favorites psychic tests. As a result, it may seem that psychics do have a certain gift. “For those whose situation investigate, knowledge mages get a shock”, – said Mikhail.

Nargiz Zakirova spoke harshly about the “Battle of psychics”

According to Lidin, all information that is announced in the broadcast in advance is selected by a mystical show. They conduct detailed interviews with the characters, to see them in all details, which you can then use.

This happened, for example, before recording the broadcast, in which Alexander Sheps and Elena Golunova figured out why after a quarrel with his girl Tanya with her close to an accident. “It turned out that the editors in advance of the program visited the family and talked to everyone, finding out the many details. Talked a very long time. All these details then pop up in the “visions” of Isaac and Golosovoy,” shared Michael.

Then each program is mounted in order to perform at the viewer a strong impression. Fans expect to see spectacular show, in which clairvoyants effectively investigate and impress the audience with their confessions. Sometimes among the panelists come across and hired actors portraying suffering on camera.

The tarragon, actress school: what we know about the participants of the casting of the new “Battle of psychics”

“In the “Battle of psychics” are fake members. I have a video of the story of the guy who in the tenth edition of the 13th season of impersonating an alcoholic. Psychics of six figured it out, “drinking four years”. The man even had to cry on the air, telling of the plight. Thus he earned 25 thousand rubles before the holiday in Bulgaria,” – said the blogger.
СМИ вновь заговорили о мошенничестве перед стартом сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов»

In the 16th season of the project affected the high-profile case of Victor Cohen, who received 10 years for the murder of his former sweetheart. Clairvoyants have decided that the man was not guilty, and he expects a happy future with his wife. However, after the transfer, the wife divorced the perpetrator and re-found his happiness. All viewers Michael was advised to find a video of the questioning of Cohen, in which he confessed to the crime.

The stars themselves mystical show is extremely reluctant to talk about fraud on the project and leave the attacks Internet users with no response. One of the employees of the project who wished to remain anonymous, explained to reporters why they prefer to keep silence about cheating on the program. According to the insider, psychics sign contracts forbidding them to disclose information about the filming of the outsiders.

“Yes, and they see no reason to tell the truth. First, they expose themselves. Secondly, they did not call for shooting other magical projects. Note that in this show the witches never make predictions that can be tested after a couple of months or even a year. The accuracy and the number of fulfilled predictions, perhaps the only way to prove your skills. Although there is a possible match,” – said the knowledgeable source.

Panin and lidin sure that the Scam needs to be exposed, as they can cause significant harm to others. Gullible people can give their last money, believing in the is another “psychic”, supposedly able to solve all problems with the spell. Michael and Alexander believe that mystical show you need to provide a note on artistic invention. According to them, transfer that is similar to the “Battle of psychics” shows in many countries, but in Russia they had such a large army of fans.

During the meeting with journalists Mikhail lidin also added that the award to Harry Houdini tried, and the participants of the project of the First channel “Black and white”. “None of the psychics until his abilities are not confirmed,” – said the blogger with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Alena Vodonaeva has addressed the subject of charlatans in the “Battle of psychics”