The media learned the prenup Mariah Carey and James Packer

СМИ узнали условия брачного контракта Мэрайи Кэри и Джеймса Пакера

The Western press found out what items were included in a prenup Mariah Carey and her fiancé James Packer, which they planned to make to quarrel.

Before parting, the singer Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) and billionaire James Packer (James Packer) planned a big wedding, but a few weeks ago the couple had an argument and decided to postpone the wedding. Portal TMZ learned that before you tie the knot, the singer and the businessman wanted to enter into a marriage contract with a fairly stringent conditions.

Packer wanted the Treaty spelled out the amount he had allocated to his wife per month for expenses. He also agreed to buy wife a casual dress, but refused to Fund costumes for performances. Clothes for their children Cary would have to pay for it.

The businessman also reserved the right to decide when and under what circumstances, Mariah Carey could use his private jet.

The contract was to be prescribed item on the gifts. According to him jewellery worth more than $250 000, which was donated to the engagement, wedding, birthdays or anniversary or the presentation of which is not accompanied by the phrase “This is my gift,” should not have been considered a gift.

In the case of divorce, James Packer offered the singer $6 million for each year of marriage, but limit the amount of financial compensation of $30 million Cary this condition was not satisfied: in the case of divorce, she demanded a lump sum payment of $50 million.

Mariah Carey and James Packer started Dating in 2015. This January they announced their engagement, but at the end of October and I broke up. Representative Carey said that while the singer and billionaire find out the relationship and that later on they will make an official statement.