СМИ узнали, сколько Канье Уэст заплатил за восковые фигуры голых Рианны, Тейлор Свифт, Джорджа Буша-младшего и других

New clip Kanye West for the song Famous gathered many artists, and politicians. The rapper showed his star colleagues with the most beautiful side. In an attempt to repeat the creation of the artist Vincent Desiderio (Desiderio Vincent) titled “Sleep”. Thus, in one huge bed, the musician has been with Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Chris brown, Donald trump, George Bush, ray g, Taylor swift, Anna Wintour, amber rose, bill Cosby and Kathleen Jenner. As it turned out that the filming of the video was not brought to the twins these celebrities. West decided to be more original and had been made of wax figures of these celebrities.

Reporters began to wonder how much it cost Kanye 10 the creation of wax celebrities, while not in the most decent form. The cost of this work, experts have estimated in 750 thousand dollars.

“The figures were done within six months. Kanye was involved in every stage of production, he was followed literally everything. The shooting was even postponed for six months because Kanye didn’t like the original product”, — said the informant.

By the way, a few hours after the premiere of the music video, West tweeted: “somebody finally served me to court? I’m really looking forward to.” It looks like it can be done, because the swift, which Kanye is not in trouble, was furious when he saw the brainchild of the colleagues.

“They are already with the team thinking about how to respond to the insult, — said the source. – Just make a “Diss” or to write a song in response will not suffice”.

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