The media disseminated information about the theft of 80 million in the Dzhigarkhanyan theater

СМИ распространили данные о хищениях 80 миллионов в театре Джигарханяна According to some in the cultural establishment, which is now the police checks, to conduct financial fraud for considerable sums. About it journalists were reported by an anonymous source in law enforcement bodies.
СМИ распространили данные о хищениях 80 миллионов в театре Джигарханяна

The scandal that erupted around the theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, does not subside. Wife of people’s artist of the USSR Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya left the post of Director of cultural institutions and left Moscow. According to some reports, the woman went to Tbilisi together with his mother.

Now in the theatre of Armen Borisovich conducted a financial audit. The theft of the passports of the actor was a criminal case. In the office Dzhigarkhanyan found a hidden camera that has caused a lot of questions from representatives of the star. The law enforcement sources who requested anonymity, told reporters on the progress of the investigation.

“During the reign of Vitalina in theatre abroad in the offshore was derived about 80 million rubles, say insiders. The money, allocated for Drama theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan from the state budget was delivered to the Bank, and from there went on payments for various purchases. Part of the procurement was carried out in reality, and some – only on paper. Left money in the open offshore company. Banking documentation for all contracts and procurement withdrawn and sent for examination”.
СМИ распространили данные о хищениях 80 миллионов в театре Джигарханяна

Official comments about the financial machinations in the Dzhigarkhanyan theater has not yet been reported, so the public can only guess about how these data correspond to reality.

According to one version, the sponsors of the cultural institutions were actually engaged in money laundering. According to the representative of the wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Elina Mazur, he supported the Armenian millionaire Levon Hayrapetyan, who was convicted for fraud. A few weeks ago, the owner died of cancer in prison. However, the other theater and movie stars Arthur Soghomonyan denied such claims for financial assistance. According to him, Hayrapetyan had no relationship to the theatre, which was the official sponsors.

Invaders of the Dzhigarkhanyan theater blackmailed his wife

Soghomonian believes that representatives Tsymbalyuk-Romanovka deliberately spread incorrect information to divert suspicion from himself in the fraud.

“When the investigators came with a search warrant, Mara had to endure from the study all financial records. And there was the contract for her signature, and other documents. This indirectly confirms that she had something to hide,” says the friend Dzhigarkhanyan.

At the same time one of the actors of the theatre Armen Borisovich said that he noticed no violations for his wife. According to the artist Vadim Medvedev, and his colleagues never delayed salaries, and everything worked in normal mode, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.