The media attributed to brad pitt affair with the star of “suicide Squad”

СМИ приписывают Брэду Питту роман со звездой «Отряда самоубийц» The Western press is still discussing the divorce one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. Around their separation has arisen a lot of rumors. At this time, the information appeared that the former husband of Angelina Jolie is in connection with a rising actress.

      According to the insider, brad pitt tries to build a relationship with Margot Robbie, who became especially popular after the release of the film “suicide Squad” in which she played the role of flamboyant comic book character Harley Quinn. The actor always had a weakness for blondes, and Margo perfectly matches his preferences. According to the source, this information is not new, because pitt has long looked to the young artist. Because pitt is the owner of production company Plan B Films, he has repeatedly tried to invite 26-year-old girl shooting a project.

      It should be noted that Angelina Jolie even before divorce became suspicious and highly jealous spouse to a future passion. She repeatedly asked her husband to stop all communication with Robbie and to abandon the idea to invite her to his Studio. Initially, the insider did not disclose the name of the actress who had too close a relationship with pitt, but according to the description guess was not difficult. Moreover, the source noted that this girl is a good friend of the father of six children.

      Brad pitt refused to meet with Angelina Jolie in court

      How this information is relevant hard to judge. Some Western media believe that Margot Robbie can not be linked to brad pitt for the same reason that she has a boyfriend, whom they had secretly married in the summer. Tom Akerly she is Dating 2013. Even greater doubt is the fact that at the first stage of the divorce pitt attributed the affair with Marion Cotillard, but the relationship the two actors have not been confirmed.

      It should be noted that the insider insists on the proximity of Robbie’s and pitt. He was sure that Margo is the best option for him today, so no doubt can not be. Moreover, he said that the stars show respect to each other of mutual sympathy. None of the celebrities confirmed nor denied arising rumors. The source reporting this, does not bother nor likely the groom Margot nor the age difference between “in love”. Recall, Brad pitt in December, will celebrate 53 years at the time, as a young actress of 26 years.

      “They do have feelings for each other. He (Brad pitt) is once again single, and had no reason to be lonely. Especially given that Margot is completely his style,” said the insider.