The media astonished by the similarities between Mel Gibson’s son

СМИ поражены сходством Мела Гибсона с сыном

Mel Gibson – the father of many children, who soon will once again remember what it’s like to hold a newborn in her arms. Actor and Director communicates with all of its heirs and happy every meeting with them. Like any loving father, Gibson cares about the future of their offspring, because delighted to help each of them, if someone decides to follow in his footsteps and build a career in Hollywood.

The sixth child of Mela – Milo – such a solution and accepted. Now the father will “break” the son of the road in the movie industry. than at the premiere of “conscientious objector” he was engaged. Gibson senior and Junior arrived at the show together, and almost from the doorway, surprised journalists in attendance. The fact that Milo is almost as like as two peas similar to his famous relative.

About Milo little is known. 25-the summer young man, the sixth child of a famous actor, born married to Dennis Moore (in total, Gibson Sr. and Moore’s seven children). Grew up in Malibu for a long time played American football, then worked as an electrician (!) and in the end decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Now Milo is studying drama at drama school and making plans.

It seems to us that doubts that Milo Gibson remain on the sidelines, unnecessary. The father certainly will make the son noticed. By the way, he he may to assist in this. For example, shoot it in one of his future directorial work, which he now develops.